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Lullabuddy – Not Just For Babies

Ever since our youngest daughter was a baby I have loved lullabies.  She is the youngest of five and she was very different from the others.  When she was born I had been in a wheelchair or on crutches for two months already and literally the day after she was born I had surgery again and was in a wheelchair and crutches for another three months.

She and I were inseparable at that time and we listened to lullabies most of the day and night every day.  It was very calming and that was a very stressful time.

To this day the second I hear lullabies, we both instantly can fall asleep.  It is like someone flips a switch and bam – we are out.

This little box has two hours of pre-loaded lullabies as sung by Mae Robertson.  It looks like a regular ole little speaker but this one is preloaded and can be played independently.

It charges by simply plugging it in with a basic micro USB cable as included.  It has a shuffle button (on the bottom), a one-hour timer and comes with a mini USB cable for charging that enables up to 18 hours of play fully charged. The Bluetooth enabled Lullabuddy speaker delivers astonishing sound quality on the pre-loaded material and can be used to play any music wirelessly from your mobile device!

This wonderful little Lullaby speaker can be found on Amazon.  This little speaker fits easily into the palm of my hand or in my purse.   I can take it anywhere I need to and that means – this speaker is going camping with us too!

This speaker is not just for babies.  The very first time I turned the speaker on, my dog climbed into bed.  Usually when she climbs into bed, she is antsy for about 20 minutes and then she finally settles down.  But this time, halfway through the first song she fell right to sleep and started snoring.  Immediately my husband asked if that was me snoring – well no…

So there you have it – easy to get anyone to go to sleep.

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