OH FRUCK! The Card Game

How about changing from playing an ordinary card game to a game that starts with a play on words.  This game is perfect to play with teens and adults and the play on words is hilarious.  Best of all this keeps my kids off the computer and cell phones!

This game has 108 cards: including 76 Playing Cards and 26 Special Rule Cards, all printed in the U.S.A. For ages 12 years and up, 2-6 players. Buy it on the company’s site or on Amazon.

Game Play:

Players take turns discarding cards on top of matching suits or ranks. The first player to discard all their cards is the winner. The playing cards are built around a traditional 52 card deck, with the addition of special, suited action cards that really kick up the game play. It’s as easy to learn as Crazy Eights – but with special rules and cards that make it crazy!

The deck has 26 unique cards that have special rules making this card game unique.  A sample special rule is Gentlemen Jacks! Whenever someone plays a jack, they must compliment the next player – sincerely. If they’re caught not doing it, they’re “frucked,” and must draw a card. Some special rules are card-based, such as forcing players to knock on the table whenever a club is played or stand up as fast as they can when a king is discarded.

There are even behavior-based rules such as the Secret Society rule where players may not address other players by their true names. Anytime they do, they must draw a card! Each round of play begins with three randomly dealt Special Rule Cards, meaning the combination of special rules between games is never the same. Even more rules can pile up as you play – which means that remembering the current set of rules is half the fun!


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