What Could be the Reasons Why Your RO Water Purifier Stops Functioning All of a Sudden?


The water purifier poses to be a machine. Under a specific set of conditions it operates. If you do not comply with the conditions then the water purifier is not going to work in a proper manner.  Some people think that water is simply water when in fact if they had Wellness Water Filtration Systems they would realize that not all water is created equal.  But that is just not the case.  Water can be hard or soft – if you experienced both you can quickly tell the difference.  When water is hard you may need to get some help from water softeners in Orlando.  Now is this is a cause of alarm? In fact, most of the reasons are so small that you can up solving them within no time. On the other side of the coin if the reasons are beyond your control always there is ready-made help from a local salesperson who can do the job for you.

Ro care India complaint points to some common reasons why your water purifier is not working.

To a RO water purifier lack of water supply

Do check whether the plug has been installed in a proper manner or not. To ensure proper supply of electric source to the device relies on a tester. At the same time check out for loose connections.

Supply of feed water stops

The diverter valve would have been switched off by accident. If no supply of water accrues to the machine it will shut off automatically. Do check out whether the other connections of the home receive tap water.

Before availing of services of a RO mechanic, there are a couple of things you can undertake. In any case, if there is an AMC in place better to call them. Do get in touch with the authorized service center or any manufacturing company rather than relying on local mechanics. These could be mere normal occasions when your RO can stop working.

SMPS adapter could have been burnt out

In a country like India, this can occur due to high voltage fluctuations. If that occurs be the case you might have to replace the SMPS. A mechanic or a trained electrician could do the job for you. If you possess experience in handling such equipment you can under this feature at your own end. One of the vital ingredients is the adaptor as they operate on direct current. Alternating current in India works out to be the input current.

The pressure pump not functioning properly

Most of the RO systems in India work on the principle of reverse osmosis. On a liquid, you need to apply pressure so that the process takes place. The most important ingredient of a water purifier is a pressure pump.

In most cases, the pumps cannot be repaired. It does make sense to install a new pump and that can turn out to be really a costly affair. The right person to guide you in this regard would be a mechanic.

Shorting of the solenoid valve or the low-pressure switch

The moment you go on to switch on a RO machine, with the aid of solenoid wastewater is stopped from flowing onto the RO membrane. On the other hand, if this valve shortens out it would shut out on a permanent basis which stops the flow of water to the RO membrane. This would cause the RO machine to stop functioning on a temporary basis.

A water purifier is expected to work, when the input pressure of water is above a certain point, those measures up to a certain pre-determined level. Once you drop the pressure below this value, the switch of low pressure cuts off the RO membrane.

This is necessary to prevent the pump to become dry. A mechanic would be able to repair this switch in an easy manner. Just get in touch with Kent complaint number India and they would go on to replace it quickly. In the midst of all this, you need to ensure that the water feeder supply is within the prescribed limits.

Float valve malfunctions

At a generic level, the RO machine ceases to stop when the internal storage tank becomes full. The main reason for this is water stops overflowing. The float valve would shut off the machine in an automatic manner.

Once you go on to start using water from this tank level of water starts reducing, whereby the machine starts to function all over again. If you figure out the malfunctioning of the float valve, the entire RO machine would shut off in an automatic manner.

Inside the RO chances of air vacuum

This is not going to happen on a normal basis. The technician ensures that the pipes are tight. But it could also happen that there might be some loose-fitting somewhere. This does cause the pump to suck in air. The air would be trapped inside the RO machine and it goes on to stop functioning. There are chances that the filter can be blocked as well. Water is not allowed to pass, whereby a vacuum is created in the interiors of RO. This is going to cause an airlock and the water is prevented from entering the RO systems.

These could be the common reasons why your RO machine stops working all of a sudden. To hand over the job to a qualified and reliable technician would be the right thing to do. If it is under the warranty period the repairs would be taken care of by the company. Once after the warranty period, it is better to opt for an AMC contract. This would ensure a long life for the device.

In case if the TDS levels are on the higher side, a water filter would require a change in a year or so. Sediment filters also need frequent cleaning. If you are wondering where to buy water softener salt, there are online sites where you can get it easily. In case if you are planning a DIY approach you can tackle these issues at your own end. But these are jobs which are not all that easy and it is always better to seek the services of a professional.

Now the question is what would be the cost of an AMC? In normal cases, it may be in the bracket of Rs 6000 to Rs 9000 and includes the replacement of worn-out parts. A couple of visits are warranted by a technician during this contract.

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