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Go For the Propitious Rakhis According To Zodiac Sign for Brothers

Bhopal is the second largest city which is spread in a large area. Living in this city is a blessing as this place is famous for its scenic beauty. But, for those who have come here for the job or the education this beauty cannot be the replacement of their family and friends. And when it is the time of the festival, the person surrounds by the old memories. As we know, Rakhi is around and how can you leave your brother in Bhopal alone? You cannot go there but your Rakhi can. Through Online Rakhi Stores, sisters can send their love and concern in the form of Rakhi to Bhopal to make their brothers happy by your presence in the form of Rakhi.

Raksha Bandhan is the festival which is for the well-being and protection of both brother and sister. Sisters tie Rakhi on brother’s wrist to protect them from all the evil powers, and in return brothers promise their sisters that they will always be there for the security of sisters. Rakhi is not only a thread but also a pious bond which showers its blessings on brothers and protects them from all the miss-happenings.

Keeping in mind all these facts, sisters should buy a Rakhi that has some qualities that can make it most suited and perfect for brothers. This can also be done by picking up a Rakhi of the colour which is perfect according to the zodiac sign of brother. This will not only help him in being positive in all the situations but also your brother will be close to auspiciousness and spirituality a little. So, ditch all the fancy and designer looking Rakhis and go for the option of Rakhis that are available in colours according to the zodiac sign.

You just simply need to know the sun sign and then you are all sorted to pick a perfect Rakhi for your brother. Here, we are providing to you a list of all the zodiac signs with the most suited Rakhis so that your confusion can lower a bit.

  • Aries

The person with Aries sun sign is a bit curious about everything. They are also a power pack of energy and are ready to accept any kind of challenge that comes in their way. For such a dynamic personality, Rakhis of orange, red or yellow colour will be the best.

  • Taurus

These persons are of a stubborn nature which gets messed up at everything. They are lazy and soft-hearted at the same time. For them, some blue or silver Rakhi is perfect so that they can sort their things out in a proper manner.

  • Gemini

These persons are very insightful and intelligent. They are good learners and for these types of persons, a Rakhi which is available in the greenish shade is perfect.

  • Cancer

The persons, who have cancer as their zodiac sign are well-mannered, and if we talk about their inner qualities, these persons always demand your attention as they are very sensitive and emotional. For this type of person, a Rakhi of light colour studded with pearls and silk thread is preferred.

  • Leo

The recommended Rakhi colour for these persons is red, pink or orange as they have a feeling of competition and dominance at every stage of life.

  • Virgo

The Rakhi colour for which you should go for is light greenish or white because these persons are loving and soft-hearted but, they often indulge in some irritating and annoying acts.

  • Libra

These persons are very diplomatic and dramatic. But they are surely the one on whom one can rely for any sort of help. So, you can go for the Rakhis of the colour purple and bright pink.

  • Scorpio

You can go for a Rakhi of red colour for the Scorpio persons as they are very sensible and good advisors but also they are very moody sometimes.  

  • Sagittarius

These are the persons with charming and attractive personalities with characteristics of always being honest and trustworthy. For them, a Rakhi of yellow colour is best.  

  • Capricorn

Go for the pink colour Rakhi as these persons are very fun-loving and also very responsible. Capricorns are of loving and caring nature too.

  • Aquarius

These persons are very sensible and mindful. They are very protective and caring in nature. For them, a Rakhi with a dark shade is recommended.

  • Pisces

They are very sensitive and soft-hearted so Rakhi of soft colours like white and yellow are the one you can go for.

You can also give the Rakhis according to the zodiac sign to your small brothers. Kids Rakhi can also be bought in some particular colours so as to fulfil the zodiac rules. There are many Rakhi stores that offer express delivery i.e., Same Day Rakhi Delivery for your Rakhi to various locations. If you want to add some complimentary gifts also, then you can explore and can choose your personal favourite gift from there.


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