5 DIY Crafts to Do at Home on Memorial Day Holiday Weekend

Memorial Day is a holiday that is designed to honor brave and patriotic servicemen and women who lost their lives fighting for our country. There are many great ways you can choose to remember our country’s heroes and heroines.

The summer months when the kids just get out of school is a popular time to plan things like vacations but is also a recommended time to move into a new home. Sometimes, this timing may not be ideal with holidays and presents a perfect time to do some quick and easy DIY crafts at home. Spending time with the kiddos during this season will also give you time to explain to your kids the actual reason why the last Monday in May is a national holiday. If you’re selling your home and getting ready to move around this time, here are some low-maintenance, low-cost project to take a break from packing.

Below are 5 DIY crafts to do at home on Memorial Day holiday weekend.

  1. Popsicle Stick Flags

The American flag is a great iconic symbol that represents freedom. It’s clean and has bright contrasting colors and bold designs which lend it well to DIY crafts. You’ll need to have jumbo Popsicle sticks which you can also cut using scissors. Popsicle stick flags craft are fun for kids because of the need to use a wide range of materials such as wood, paper, glue and the painting work involved. Your kids will have an opportunity to develop dexterous, artistic and cognitive processing skills. You can use and reuse the flags in many ways when they are finished. You can paint names as placeholders or use them as coasters and trivets. You can also use them to decorate your walkways and flower beds and can be a great boost if you wish to sell a house and attract the attention of another potential homeowner.

2. Paper Pinwheels

Another exciting and simple craft, especially for the young kids, is making paper pinwheels. You can design your pinwheels using the colors of our flag (red, white and blue) with polka dots, starts, and checks. You can also download the designs and print the two sides of the cardstock sheet to enable your pinwheels to have contrasting patterns. They are simple crafts for kids and a great source of entertainment and when you buy a house with a bigger backyard, the fun is greater for your little ones in this memorable annual holiday.

3. Patriotic Candle Holder

Decorating patriotic candle holder is another inexpensive craft that is fun for both kids and adults and it’s also easy, quick and useful. There are endless ways in which you can design your decorations. You can pick several glass candleholders from your local dollar store and decorate them with the help of your kids in any way you wish. You will need blue and red tissue paper, mod podge and then blend equal parts white craft glue like Elmer’s and water. You’ll not have to worry about precision which is good if you have kids. You and the kids can just slap the Mod Podge in every part of the candleholder and for the paper cutouts, you can place them in any way or however you like. It is exciting for the kids when their projects glow and you can use battery-operated or real candles in the decorated glasses.

4. DIY Windsocks

Making classic windsocks will also make your Memorial Day craft marvelous. You’ll probably have all the materials you need including scraps of colorful fabrics and toilet paper rolls. Use a tube to roll the glued edge of the fabric. Then glue the ribbons and the handle stick and your DIY windsock are ready for use.

5. Tissue Pom Poms

If you wish to craft some patriotic decorations to hang in your home, tissue pom poms are ideal. You can cut and fold the tissue paper in different pom pom shapes. All you need to do is fold your tissue paper in half and cut along the fold. You can either make multi-colored or monochromatic poms and depending on your décor, you can choose which colors and designs are best for your home. You can hang them using excess twine after crafting.

When Memorial Day is over, you can keep most of these DIY crafts for more days for entertainment, especially for your kids. The DIY crafts will make your three-day weekend exciting and it’s also one of the best ways to have fun and enjoy your time together with your family and children. Whether you are about to buy or sell a house, DIY crafts on Memorial Day will boost your mood and clear your mind to make better decisions and adjust to any imminent life changes.

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