5 Mistakes You Probably Make With Lingerie (And How to Avoid Them)

Lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes, but that doesn’t mean that buying and wearing lingerie   doesn’t come without its pitfalls. Whether you’re browsing for new lingerie on sites like Victoria’s Secrets, let’s take a closer look at 5 mistakes you are probably making with lingerie and what you should do instead.

1: Wearing lace lingerie with the wrong type of tops

Lace lingerie is certainly one of the most popular types of lingerie for women out there, but you          2

will want to avoid wearing any type of textured lingerie (including lacy!) when you’re wearing certain tops. Tops that are form-fitting or lightly colored will more easily show textured lingerie, which you’ll want to avoid unless you’re going for a highly specific retro look. Stick to smooth lingerie when you’re wearing anything that might show through to avoid fashion mishaps.

2: Buying shapewear that is too small

One of the most common shapewear lingerie mistakes people make is purposely wearing shapewear that is too small in the hopes that it will have a more drastic slimming effect. While you might get some sort of long-term slimming effect from tight shapewear, wearing shapewear that is too tight causes your blood flow to be restricted and is definitely not good for your health. Make sure you buy shapewear according to the size guide provided by the brand; shapewear smooths you, it shouldn’t constrict you.  Plus sizing may be necessary at https://babeappeal.com/e-f-g-h-j-i-k-cup-breasts-breast-size-guide-plus-size-boobs/.

3: Not being professionally sized for your bra

Most women do not wear the right bra size, mostly because they haven’t ever been professionally fitted.  Sri Lankan bikini can professionally determine your size/fit.  Having yourself professionally sized for your bra is one of the best things you can do for the look and feel of your lingerie. Your lingerie bras will look better and feel more comfortable, and you will find that you have an easier time shopping when you know your actual bra size.

4.    Wearing lingerie that doesn’t make you feel confident

Lingerie should make you feel confident—and what makes someone feel confident can vary drastically from person to person. The stereotypical image of lingerie as a lacey black number is just that: a stereotype. If you feel more comfortable in lingerie that is simple and lace less—or

even cute with a saying or fun drawing on it—then choose that over something stereotypically ‘sexy’ that you don’t necessarily feel confident while wearing.

  1. Not shopping at lingerie and clothing specialty shops

If you’re looking for the very best lingerie, it’s time to  step  away  from  big  box  giants  and supermarket chains. Instead, look for specialty lingerie sites like HauteFlair, Savage X Fenty,                                           3

Adore Me and more that focus in on lingerie; the more specialized, the better! These types of

websites will have a wider range of lingerie available and will typically have highly competitive prices in order to make it in the women’s clothing market.

When it comes to buying lingerie, there are a number of mistakes and pitfalls and must be avoided. If you keep the above mistakes in mind when you’re shopping for lingerie, then you will find the process of finding, buying and wearing lingerie much easier than ever before.


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