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How Breast Lifts Help You Love Your Body

Whether we like it or not, part of our identity as women lies in our breasts. Oftentimes, we find ourselves comparing our breasts to those of other women around us, especially women in our close-knit circles. This does not even take into account how we start to feel about our breasts after we go through major bodily changes like pregnancy, nursing our babies, losing and gaining a significant amount of weight, getting older, and unforgiving gravity working against us. All of these factors and more play a part in how our breasts look and how they start to sag over time. It is natural to compare how we look, but it is hard when our breasts look and feel foreign and we start to feel self-conscious and get a major hit to our self-esteem and our self-confidence. If this sounds like you, and you are mentally and emotionally stable enough, you can look into getting a lift for your sagging breasts.

What is a breast lift?

A breast lift with breast implants, which is medically known as a mastopexy procedure, is when a plastic surgeon goes into your breast tissue and reshapes it so that they look more full and voluptuous at the top. This makes their appearance much fuller and buoyant as they may have once been. Women can have this procedure whether their breasts are large or small, though results have found that women with larger breasts tend to have to get the procedure repeated over time.

How it positively changes you

A lift is going to improve the way you look. You will walk away from the procedure with breasts that are perkier and look years younger, and most importantly… won’t sag anymore! But it not only changes your physical appearance for the better, but it also leaves you walking away with a new found confidence in yourself. Patients often walk away with a boost in their self-esteem and feeling beautiful again. Below is a guide with all the ways a breast lift can help your breasts look perkier and more buoyant once again.

Breasts after Being pregnant and breastfeeding

Pregnancy is one of the best, most beautiful times in your life, but it can bring around some changes in your body that feel all but great and beautiful. One of the most common side-effects of having a baby and breastfeeding is that your breasts tend to get stretched out and saggy after all is said and done, most commonly because of the drastic changes they go through during that time in life. Getting a breast lift can help restore the areola to how it once looked and where it used to set while getting rid of excess skin and giving back the pleasing appearance they once had.

Getting a lift after losing a lot of weight

Losing a lot of weight is a huge success and a great step towards getting healthy! What most women do not realize is that breasts are made up of fatty tissue, so when you lose a drastic amount of weight, your breasts will lose a lot of volume and get saggy with excess skin hanging off. It can mess with your self-esteem in ways you never realized as it will leave you with breasts that you don’t recognize. As said by William Ross, an expert in breast procedures from Naples, FL, a lift will make your breasts proportional again so that they are the same size after weight loss, and it will give them a great shape that leaves them looking youthful and buoyant by getting rid of the excess skin.

Get the chance to enjoy perky breasts for the first time ever

There are many women who went through puberty and never had the perky breasts that most women have during the time of their youth. They have always had breasts that droop and sag, with areolas that are at odd differentiating angles, and disproportionate sizes of breasts. Most women who have an experience like this think that either all hope is lost and they will have to live with breasts like this forever, or the other extreme in thinking that they will have to go through major, very expensive, cosmetic surgery and implants in order to have the breasts that look the way they always wanted to look. The truth is, a simple lift can get them the breasts that are not sagging anymore, the breasts that are relatively the same size, and breasts that are proportional to their body with areolas that look normal and perky! She can finally have the breast profile that she always dreamed of having yet never thought she would be able to obtain.

How to tell if you may qualify for a lift

There are a few things to look at and examine on your own breasts that could help you decide whether or not a lift would be the right option for you, but ultimately you will need to talk to a cosmetic surgeon to see if you actually qualify. Before you go in, here are some things to examine yourself and think about:

1.) Do your nipples point at odd angles

If your skin has started to stretch and sag, the breast tissue could start causing the nipples to pull down or at an outward angle. Getting a lift will allow the breast tissue to be positioned properly so that the nipples face front and straight out like they are supposed to.

2.) Do you like your breast size with a bra on

A lift is going to help your breasts look fuller and rounder especially at the top, but it is not going to increase the size of your breasts significantly- implants are what does that for you. If you are happy with their size in a bra, then the lift will help you be happier when they are out of the bra.

There are so many factors to consider when thinking about getting a lift done for your breasts. The best thing to do is reach out to a cosmetic surgeon who has years of experience in this area and can help you decide if this is the right course for you, and can get you on your way to feeling more confident and happier with your body.

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  • Polly

    I am for loving my body the way it is. But if plastic surgery helps you to love yourself, and everything is done within reason – why not. The main thing is that you understand all the risks. After all, no matter how qualified a doctor is, your body can begin to reject foreign material. In any case, everything is fixable, you can always find en bloc capsulectomy surgeons near me

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