Are You Ready For College?

It has been many years since I went to college and even quite a few years since our oldest children went.  Now we are heading down to our youngest child – there is almost 20 years difference between the oldest and the youngest!  Seems crazy to see that in writing but that’s just the way life happens sometimes.

So now we have our youngest child entering high school in the Fall and she will most likely have college aspirations.  We will support her in any way we need to (even if it isn’t college).  She has had her eye on The King’s College because she can not only go to college but also focus on her spiritual well being!  But if it is college, we want to make sure she has done everything she can to be ready.  But what does it take to “be ready” nowadays?

Which Classes?

In high school you will need to not only consider what classes you need to graduate high school but also, what will you need for the school of your choice?  You may only need two years of a foreign language to graduate high school but perhaps three or four years for the college you have in mind.  Make sure you know and involve your guidance counselor when you do not know.

Being Well Rounded?

Since I work in education I see this all the time.  Some students are perfect students but there is more to life than just academics.  Most colleges really want to see who you really are?  Do you contribute to society?  Do you play sports?  They are looking for a few different things – can you focus on more than just academics?  What are your values?  What are you doing to contribute to society?  Are you making a difference?  A’s are great but so is your contribution to society.

Are You A Leader?

How can you show them you have leadership qualities?  Do you work with children?  Elderly?  Do classmates look to you for guidance?  What about band members?  Teammates? Church leader?  Camp leader?  In high school your goal is to build a resume for college.  In college you goal is to build a resume for a career.


As you go through high school make sure you keep a record and documentation of all awards and accomplishments.  You will not remember them in 3-4 years if you don’t.  Don’t rely on what you can and can’t remember – keep every single thing you earn or accomplish.

Tests and Studying

Well high school is where you will need to take the college entrance exams and it matters.  Don’t think you are going to sit for the exams without studying – you will totally be short changing yourself.  Work hard and be prepared.  College is a bit different than high school.  You may be able to skate by in high school but in college you should know that it gets more complicated.  Time management will be critical and procrastination could be the difference between a decent grade and an excellent grade.


Many of these tips are also excellent tips to get and keep the perfect job when you get out of college.  With that in mind – remember what the world can see online.  Is a drunken partying image going to help your application and selection?  Probably not… Believe me, I work in education and in human resources – we do check social media!

Apply for Scholarships

If you have taken care to manage all of the items listed above – you are also going to be in good shape for scholarship applications.  Guess what – they all look for the same things!  Seek out scholarship opportunities wherever you can such as through Premier Allergy and plan for your future!

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