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Finding the Right Deodorant for Your Lifestyle

Photo by Derek Owens from Unsplash

The organic movement, consumers becoming more actively involved in reducing the overall chemical concentration in their bodies, is not a temporary craze.

People are getting smarter with products that they use daily. Gone are the days when people go to grocery stores and throw in items haphazardly into their carts. It’s an observed growing habit of people to stop and check the back labels first and read through the ingredients before making the decision to either leave it at the counter or put it in their baskets.

When men are asked how they choose their deodorant, the general response for pits is a light head shake, arms, and palms slightly up in the air, and a straightforward delivery of “For as long as it works.”

People don’t care much about their armpits for as long as they smell okay, they don’t visibly sweat through their shirts, and if they are wearing deodorants, they don’t cause stains. Men, in particular, don’t pay that much attention for as long as they know they are adequately deodorized.

Should You Do the Pits Switch?

Deodorants, one of the many products that are heavily manufactured and consumed in massive quantities daily, are known to have aluminum deposits.

Aluminum is a toxic metal that functions as an antiperspiration agent in deodorants. When your skin is exposed to aluminum for long periods, the metal can eventually penetrate your skin and enter your bloodstream.

Another harmful chemical in deodorants is called parabens. They function as preservatives for a lot of products sold in groceries. Continuous exposure to this synthetic compound can possibly alter hormonal levels once they enter your body and accumulate in tissues.

What’s good about natural products is that they don’t contain any of the harmful chemicals that are bad for your body. They usually have a long-term effect with more benefits to reap. Organic products use natural ingredients from plants to fight off body odor, as compared to most deodorants available on the market today, which have confirmed high levels of metals and toxins.

What’s in a Natural Deodorant for Men?

It’s no surprise then that people are veering from chemical-reliant products to natural-grown ones. Natural deodorant for men is formulated with ingredients that turn away from hard-lined manufactured products. This type of deodorants may vary in the volume of natural ingredients, but it definitely leaves out the bad stuff and doesn’t compromise on the good.

Common ingredients found in organic deodorant for men include essential oils like coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter. Staying true to the natural theme, most of the recently launched deodorants come in recycled and biodegradable materials.

As for the scent, most brands offer a light and fresh fragrance with a hint of musk that comes from wood. To keep you dry, natural-deodorant makers add in baking powder and magnesium as the absorption agents for sweat. They work with any skin type and are known to improve skin health.

How Will It Fit Your Lifestyle?

With this naturalistic approach to synthesizing fermented sweat, you may start to wonder how effective natural deodorants really are. Whether or not these products can still remain resistant to sweat and go beyond the 48-hour threshold as Rexona can.

Transitioning from the chemical to the natural end of the spectrum will always have its own set of challenges. Sweat on its own is odorless. But when bacteria get in the mix, body odor rises.

As conventional antiperspiration sticks are made of aluminum salts, the duration of protection from body odor offered by natural deodorants is not as long. During the first few weeks of you switching to natural, you may have to reapply the deodorant more than you would a commercial one.

Also, deodorants are not antiperspirants. The former works by masking body odor with its natural fragrance while the latter puts a plug on the skin pores to stop the sweat glands from producing more. These are two very different things that need to be addressed very differently.

But during summer, both body odor and sweat rise substantially. For your natural deodorant to keep up with your sweaty lifestyle, you can do your part by choosing clothes that are airy and not prone to making you smell like a 13-year-old boy having a smashing day in an open football field.

Considering that bodies are made of different chemicals, what works for one may not work for another. The best way to find out if a deodorant for men deserves a spot on your drawer is by trying it out. Find out if it works for you or not. Whatever sticks.


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