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RoomyRoc Wireless Earbuds

These bluetooth RoomyRoc earbuds are totally awesome.  So much in such a small space.  First the sound is amazing – crisp and clear and they can reach a distance up to 49 feet!  That means I don’t have to travel with my phone from room to room, the earbuds will reach anywhere as long as I am on the same floor.

The earbuds are small and easily tucked into your ear.  There are replacement foam ear pieces so you can get just the right fit.  The case is really cool – the earbuds not only get stored in the case but they also charge while they are stored in the box.

Tucked into the underside of the case are a pair of over the ear attachments to make the earbuds even more comfortable and able to be work safely and easily while working out.

Inside this concealed compartment in the back – protected behind a silicone cover – are the charging ports.

These earbuds are totally awesome and the sound is great for anything from listening to books to music.  Best of all even when I answer phone calls they are clear as can be on my end as well as on theirs.

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