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Top 3 Books to Read to Improve Academic Writing Skills

Reading gives us a lot. This is the gold mine of the experience, knowledge, skills, and history of the human race. When we read, we learn multiple important things. One of such is the improvement of different skills. All students know pretty well that the writing competence plays a vital role in their academic success. Reading and writing skills are related to one another. We suggest reading three great books, which will help to enhance your abilities to write. Don’t pass up this tremendous chance.

#1. Bird by Bird:  Instructions on Writing and Life.

This is a helpful writing for everybody who wishes to improve his/her writing competence. Firstly, the format is really elegant. It is intriguing, catchy, and greatly illustrates brilliant thoughts and concepts. This is the two-in-one composition. It’s not a typical writing guide, which teaches the readers how to improve writing skills through exercise and different smart implementations and tricks. It likewise depicts the real life of Ann Lamotte.

This book gives a great relaxation to your tired brain. You read it quickly and with pleasure. Its name is the metaphor because Lamott’s brother was afraid due to a school report on multiple bird species that were going to appear in their location. This gave the birth to such strange title. Her father was a writer too. Therefore, love to the lore of writing may be called hereditary.

Lamotte started her writings from rough drafts, which were full of mistakes. Some of them were done consciously. This is an interesting and really uncommon method. Too many mistakes mean that you have to edit a lot. However, editing is of great importance. When we edit our writings, we memorize which awful and typical mistakes we make. After this practice, we don’t repeat those mistakes anymore. The main stress is addressed to drafting. She teaches not to be afraid of possible errors and always seek opportunities to improve our writing.

#2. The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century.

It’s the work of a great professor. He faced lots of academic papers composed by students. Undoubtedly, Stephen Pinker has witnessed great heaps of different mistakes. Some of them were not serious. The others were ridiculous. Nonetheless, the most influential were really awful mistakes. Such mistakes were the major contributor for creating of his book. The professor had a persistent desire to help students and make them improve their writing abilities in the effective and reliable ways.

The author describes some innovative and fresh ideas, which are applicable to everyone. There are several strong points that may come in handy for every student, blogger, and/or writer. The professor explains how to choose the right words to make sentences clear and logical. Though many experts claim that passive voice is the enemy of students, Pinker shows that it may be a good friend as well. In his opinion, passive constructions help to direct the reader’s concentration on the things you wish to emphasize. 

The author likewise underlines the importance of punctuation. Oftentimes, students don’t give the necessary heed to this matter. As the result, they lose many important grades even though other sections and elements of their assignments are perfect.

One of the most significant qualities of the writer is his love for details. This is utterly important. Many authors don’t pay much heed to the details of their own explanations. Consequently, the picture isn’t complete and superficial. This will not help too much. Accordingly, you should value this feature.

#3. The Getaway Car: A Practical Memoir About Writing and Life.

This book is available in paper and digital variants. Therefore, you are free to choose the most suitable option. Ann Patchett is a famous novelist. In addition, she has already written multiple essays on different topics. Therefore, she is experienced in custom essay writing and may teach you a lot. She started with writing recommendations and now, is an expert in many aspects. Afterward, she gained popularity and fame.

The author uses multiple happenings that really took place. One of her main motives is to provoke a desire to write. She says that it is a huge mistake not to write when you have a burning desire for it. Therefore, she strongly recommends writing anytime you feel the desire. It is remarkable that Patchett does not insist on writing something really meaningful. You aren’t obliged to write a complete story. Simply put down the thoughts you have at the moment. This develops writing skills and techniques. Afterward, it becomes easier to overcome writer’s block and similar obstacles.

One may learn how to construct beautiful sentences in different pieces of writing. She impresses with her style and elegant constructions. You receive a possibility to learn from this book. Simultaneously, there’re lots of other essays and novels, which likewise enrich vocabulary and enhance the writing competence.

We recommend reading these great books. They are different but carry similar purposes. They promote a sufficient enhancement of your competence to craft impressive creations. You will definitely learn many useful things or remember those you have probably forgotten. Therefore, do not miss this nice opportunity and strengthen your ability to write. Mind that there are some other great books and guides, which can assist you as well. Use them to become a real master and compose outstanding pieces to impress other folks. Use these proposals!


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