How to Easily Save On Prescriptions #WellRx

Prescription costs are constantly increasing.  This can be a significant issue if a patient doesn’t have adequate prescription coverage, no prescription coverage or the medication is not covered by your insurance.  Another scenario is the patient is simply being very aware of just what their insurance plan is being charged.  What if you could get a “second opinion” on your out of pocket RX costs?

As an urban public school administrator in a poor school district, I try to educate our employees to be informed consumers as much as I possibly can.  We have a self funded insurance plan so the cost is the cost – anything they can do to participate in savings goes right to our bottom line.

ScriptSave® WellRx is the perfect way for them to be smart consumers/patients.  The same prescription is not going to cost the same amount everywhere you go.  The site includes a search function so you can search for your medications.  The results of the search gives a comparison of major retailers and their selling price.  The price displayed is the cost AFTER the applicable ScriptSave WellRx coupon is applied.  This cannot be used in conjunction with insurance.  Price checking allows you to determine if this is less expensive for you without going through insurance.

For example – I take Advair for my allergies.  The comparison image below shows the types of results you can expect to find – different drugs may have very varied results…

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In my example – Advair would be as low as $135.09 at CVS or as high as $168.40 at RiteAid.   The difference is $33.31 which is almost a 25% difference.  That is just a result from one medication.  There are many very high cost prescriptions that have minimal insurance coverage such as infertility medications etc… The savings are even greater with these types of medications.  With this app/site you can find out the cost of the medication BEFORE you have to pay for it.

Pricing is real time and SpriptSave WellRx even provides access to discount coupons.  You can go to ScriptSave WellRx or download the app on iTunes or Google Play for savings!

There are no claim forms to fill out, no deductibles, no limits or maximums, and no pre-existing condition exclusions!  So what are you waiting for?  Use ScriptSave WellRx today for all your prescription needs and have access to everything you need to save up to 80%!  The average savings is a whopping 60%!

The prescription card information can be saved to the app’s dashboard and/or to your Apple Wallet.

Guess what?  If you have pets that use a drug similar to a human – you can pick those up at your local pharmacy and use this discount card for your purchase.  For example our dog takes a pain medication that is also a pain medication for people – I can use this card!

ScriptSave WellRx has so much more…

Personalized Wellness & Grocery Guidance

This is designed to help families align their grocery shopping habits to their personal health conditions and wellness goals.  Simply set up a health profile…

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…and use the built-in barcode scanner and text-based search tool in the mobile app to review foods currently in the pantry or even as you are shopping and walking through the grocery aisles.  This works exceptionally well with brand name foods.

Price-Drop Alerts

Setup your frequently used medications in the database (app or website) and you can receive free alerts when the prices drop with email notification.  This may mean you fill your medication on a Friday instead of a Monday if it can save you $30!

Take My Meds Reminder

Sometimes medication schedules can be hard to follow.  We all lead busy lives and next thing you know you can be hours late for your medication.  Now you can receive reminders in the ScriptSave WellRx app so you stay on schedule.

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