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WenTop LED Light Strip Wifi Wireless Smartphone

Have you ever gone camping?  My version of camping does not involve a tent – years ago it did but nowadays the ole arthritis keeps me from going camping in a tent.  We own an RV and thank goodness.  It offers us so much flexibility for fun as a family.

With an RV we spend so much time outside – it is rare that we are inside.  It is actually quite a life – from the moment we wake up we are outside with breakfast, lunch, dinner and we are in bed by 9pm to 9:30 because everyone is exhausted from so much fresh air.

An RV is the perfect type of setting to use a Wenton LED light strip set!  We will be using this to line the base of our cabinets which pretty much will light the way all the way from the kids cabin to the master cabin.  The kids will see their way easily to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

This set has two rolls that are five meters each for a total of ten meters.  You can use them individually or together and they are also able to be cut – but you cannot cut them just anywhere.  There are scissor symbols along the way that tell you where to cut the strips.

The blue backing can be removed to reveal the adhesive backing to the lights and you can place them exactly where you want them.  Think going high or going low – wall/ceiling or floor/molding…

Please make sure they are placed in an area that is dry with plenty of ventilation since they do produce heat and should not be placed.

Easy as can be to use by simply downloading the software and it works with alexa and your smartphone.  These are different colors with patterns such as static, flash, strobe, fade-change, RGB, smooth-change.  These can be used in homes, RVs, classrooms etc…

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