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WenTop Led Light Strip Kit 32.8 Feet

Are you looking to jazz up a room?  Do you have a teenager who wants something unique to impress her friends and just feel less like a little kids room and more like a cool teenager’s room.  Who wouldn’t want a room with corner to corner lights that can dance with the music – your own version of dancing lights!

This set has two rolls that are 5 meters each for a total of 10 meters.  You don’t need to use all of that – the strips are able to be cut.

They can’t be cut just anywhere but instructions are included so you don’t damage the lights while cutting them.   The rolls can be connected to extend the full 10 meters.

Each roll has a blue strip on the back of the lights – remove that strips and there is an adhesive on the back of the light strip making it easier for them to be hung anywhere you’d like.

Make sure you place these in an area that is dry and not subject to extreme temperatures and they need to have ventilation because they do produce some heat.

They should also not be adhered to any type of metal which will amplify the heat.

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  • Polly

    It’s no secret that lighting of this kind , using LED technology, has been on the market for a long time and is steadily gaining new fans. It can be used both in public places and in apartments, and the benefits are obvious – savings on electricity bills, a wide selection of different lighting elements and complete safety in use.

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