Coconut Raptor Floats – Coolest Floats Around

We spend a great deal of time in water.  When you own horses you work really hard and get very sweaty – a nice jump in the water afterwards is very helpful.  We have spent a great deal of time trying to find little watering holes where we can go with very few people – just us messing around and having fun.

Today we went to the spot near the barn where we actually take the horses swimming.  It is part of a river – but a relatively mellow and mild section that is safe for all.  The perfect spot to test out our CoconutFloats – the IndoRaptor and the Blue Raptor.

Each of the half dozen pool floats (not just the Raptors) are made of heavy duty, durable 0.25mm vinyl and resists punctures!

Everyone love the Jurassic movies nowadays and it’s all about the dinosaurs.   The blue raptor and the indorapter are huge – a whopping 5 feet wide.  These can e found at Leslie’s Pool Supplies, Pinch a Penny Pool Patio and Spa Stores and other specialty stores nationwide.

The kids had a great time with these today – as you can see they are in a face off – indoraptor versus blue raptor.  It takes a bit of coordination to balance yourself on these but once you get the hang of it – they are a blast.  The indoraptor can easily be blown up with a airpump.  The blue raptor was a bit more work – the back legs needed to be blown up separately with our mouths.

Today is 115 degrees outside – unbelievably hot.  Even the blue raptor needed a nap after his beach time.  Tomorrow will be a repeat of today’s temps – we will wake him when we are ready to have more fun.

If you are looking for some unique floats – raptors, rainbow poop, swan, flamingo, unicorn – check out CoconutFloats!

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