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Becoming a Better Fitness Trainer: 6 Tips for Success

It is extremely hard to just stay in shape yourself, but to professionally keep multiple people from various age groups, fit, active and healthy, is dedication on a whole new level altogether. However, becoming a fitness trainer is only half the job really, but it is certainly the hardest half.

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of physical trainers in the UK, and some of them are pretty good as well. So, how is it that you can develop as a trainer, and become more successful along the way? We may not have all the answers, but we are definitely going to give you a few important pointers to reaching both goals with small but calculated steps.

Complete Your Education and Training

There is no limit to how much you can learn as a certified fitness trainer, and it’s the experience which gives maturity to all your learning.  However, in order to be successful, and have a strong CV that the best fitness centres in the UK will take notice of, one needs to complete their education in fitness training first.

You have probably completed PT Level 2 up until now, but you need to complete Level 3 and Level 4 as well. Visit OriGym to know how you can complete your Level 3 PT in only two weeks, and then continue on to join the Level 4 program afterwards.

Write an Awesome CV

Now that you have the education under your belt, your CV is automatically going to be a lot stronger than most of the competition, but it still needs to be created properly, so that the document leaves an impression, instead of just being a written list of your qualifications.

As there are no better guides to writing a good physical trainer’s CV than established fitness professionals themselves, check out how to create your PT CV here on OriGym’s official website.

Gather Experience and Keep Learning on the Job

We already discussed the importance of education and training, but nothing can replace the experience, of course. The idea is to combine your knowledge with the on-job experience and continue learning.

Instead of having a closed-minded approach, keep an open mind so that you can learn the unique conditions of your clientele. As you try to improvise in finding particular solutions to their unique problems, they will appreciate you for the extra effort that you are putting in as their personal trainer. Trainers may know fitness better than their clients, but they might miss out on something exceptional if they are not careful in paying close attention to what the clients are trying to tell them.

Not only will does this mindset make a physical trainer more effective, but it also does something else which is just as important, if not more so. The trainers who actually listen to their client and provide them with specialised care tend to be more popular and enjoy a good reputation everywhere. Satisfied clients who speak fondly of your work is always good for the business, but when they also speak about the extra work you had put in for them, you gain that edge which you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Specialize in the Right Field

As a well-trained and properly educated fitness trainer, you should and will have general knowledge about almost all fields of general fitness, but before completing your Level 4 Specialisation program, you will need to choose a specific field of fitness to work in.

Now, figuring out the ideal field of PT specialisation is something that will depend entirely on you, as there is no universal formula to this. Nevertheless, you should at least have a natural inclination towards it and your expertise in the field should be impressive, even before you start catering exclusively to it.

In-demand fields of fitness include bodybuilding, prenatal/postnatal fitness, geriatric fitness, female fitness, athlete management, etc.

There is No Half-Way to Success

It would be wrong to state that a PT cannot earn a decent income while freelancing and holding a job at the same time because they most certainly can and some do that quite impressively. However, if a point comes in your career where more opportunities will open up if you become a full-time physical trainer, you will need to make a choice.

There is no possible way for one person to hold a full-time job and be a full-time personal trainer simultaneously. If you want to grow your fitness career, you will need to dedicate yourself completely to it. In case the other career option feels more attractive to you, then, by all means, pursue that with full dedication, but there is no half-way to success anywhere.

Think about the Future

You might be young and running now, but you cannot keep it up as you begin to get older. After you have gained enough experience as a trainer in the gym and as a personal trainer, you should try and launch a business of your own. All those connections you made by helping people during your years as a trainer should come in very useful when you finally decide to take that entrepreneurial step. Also, watch how business is conducted in the gyms you work at, so that you can have an idea about the business end of fitness too.

Admittedly, the competition is fierce in the health & fitness industry, but the general awareness regarding the necessity to stay fit has also gone up recently, so the market is not saturated. Whatever your idea for the future might be, start saving money and planning for it from Day One.

At the end of the day, it isn’t just any one thing, but a culmination of it all which helps a PT go beyond the average pay scale of the average trainer and achieve something much bigger with time. The main ideas have already been pointed out, but the rest depends on each professional’s will to grow further.


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