Top 3 Gua Sha Benefits for your skin

With all the myths and fads that pop up from time t time, implementing and following a skincare regimen can be quite a challenge. This is, especially in the modern error of readily available information owing to the internet. With lots of influencers sharing their methods, YouTube tutorials that sway viewers to adopt DIYs, and beauty enthusiast and other bloggers providing lots of content, you can easily be overwhelmed.

You may have heard of gua sha, a traditional Chinese healing technique also known as kerokan or coining. Gua sha involves scraping the skin with long or short strokes and its health benefits, goes beyond skincare if done right.

You might not have tried it yet, or failed to realize such advantages either due to lack of the right tools or skills to effectively execute the technique. Good news is, with the help of professional gua sha NYC service provider, you can learn more and enjoy the numerous benefits. If you haven’t given it a go, below is a look at the top benefits gua sha offers to your skin.

Improved blood flow

Improved blood flow to the skin means that it gets the much-needed nourishment to promote healthy cell growth. With enough oxygen and rich nutrients, the blood flow ensures that your skin’s vitality and health is easily achieved and maintained. Healthy skin means that it optimally functions to not only protect your internal organs but also avoid breakouts as bacteria can be easily managed.

Promotes lymphatic drainage

The lymph system relies on muscle movements, a concept that professional gua sha NYC services enable. The scrapping means that muscle movements are enhanced as it reduces muscle tensions. This helps the lymphatic system to effectively collect harmful toxins around your body and drain out of the body. With improved drainage of the excessive fluids from the lymph glands, you not only reduce toxins but also reduce puffiness.

Reduce aging signs and breakouts

Excessive oil build-up and toxins accumulation result in clogged pores, leading to breakouts and acne, among other skin issues. With professional gua sha NYC services, the scrapping helps to relax the skin and open pores leading to the removal of such blockages. What’s more, the process helps in tightening the skin and improves its texture, eliminating the saggy and wrinkly looks.

As you get to eliminate aging signs such as wrinkles, gua sha helps to attain and maintain young and radiant skin. Gua sha gets even better when combined with your products. You can conveniently enjoy the most out of your products as they get massaged deeper into your skin, enhancing their absorption leading to better results.

Apart from the skin, a visit to your favorite gua sha NYC providers other benefits such as reduced inflammation, pain, and migraines to mention a few.  By addressing the stagnant energy, also known as the chi, the ancient Chinese alternative medicine benefits your overall health in a painless approach. It might come out as yet another fad, but its proven benefits make it a vital approach if done right.

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