Keto Diet Basics: How to Get Started

Ever heard of the ketogenic (keto for short) diet? Keto diets are increasingly popular but do you ever wonder what exactly keto is? Wondering why everyone is suddenly in this diet and thinking if this is merely a fad or something? If you are interested to find out what keto diet is, what it can do for you, if it is going to be suitable for you, and what the essentials for this diet are, then you’ve come by the correct article.

What is Keto Diet

Keto diet was originally formed to treat children experiencing seizures. However, in time, researchers uncovered that it can benefit other people as well. The main goal of this diet is to induce the body towards the metabolic state of ketosis. At this state, the body is pushed to use fat instead, because of the lack of sugar from carbs, as the main energy source.

In the ketosis state, the body is functioning because of ketones – compounds formed when fat is broken down. The main activity of this diet is to achieve and then maintain the ketosis state. Carb intake should only be limited to 20 to 50 grams in a day. Ketones are the ultimate fuel for human body in absence of carbohydrates. Our liver produce ketones by breaking fatty acids very efficiently. In simple words, when carbohydrate is restricted our liver turns our body fat in to fuel, in form of ketones. Ketone production is utmost important in ketogenic diet.

Keto slim pills is a ketogenic supplement that can help you to produce ketones quickly. This is very essential for keto beginners to produce ketones efficiently to make the metabolic shift from carbohydrate to ketones.

You can say that because it is low-carb and high-fat, it is just the Atkins diet in a sense. However, the two are different from each other. Keto only allows for up to 20% of calories to come from protein while Atkins allows for up to 30%, depending on the phase the person is. In the keto diet, there are no phases. The person just needs to achieve ketosis and maintain it at that by extremely restricting carb intake.

In Atkins, you are called to increase your carb intake gradually. This means eventually, your body will get out of the ketosis stage. Atkins diet, which allows for more fruits and vegetables and certain grains, can be said to be less rigorous of a diet than the keto diet.


Even though Keto and Atkins diet can lead to weight loss, keto diets preserve your muscle mass. Since the fat is being used for energy, the weight loss is due mainly to fat loss.

What can Keto Diet Do For You

The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet. It may sound like a fad – restricting some food groups while eating another food group in excess, this diet has too many health benefits just to be described as being fashionable. Apart from the obvious effect of weight loss, keto diets have been found to address serious illnesses such as diabetes, epilepsy and even cancer. It has also been found to be a good way to delay or prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Is Ketogenic Diet for You?

No lie, the ketogenic diet can be extremely limiting and restrictive. Therefore, it is for you if you want weight loss and reduced diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s risks enough. It means having the stamina and willpower to limit your protein intake to just 20% of calories and at the same time, eat very few carbs and at the same time, eat a lot of high-fat foods. This can be challenging as time goes by.

Essentials of Keto Diet

Again, the ketogenic diet is all about consuming limited proteins, very low carbs and sugar, and very high fats. This means sugary foods, starches, fruits, low-fat diet products, unhealthy fats, alcohol, and many more should be avoided or restricted to very small amounts. On the bright side, you can consume a lot of meat, fatty fish, eggs, butter, cream, cheese, nuts, avocados, and low carb veggies. This is certainly a win for some.

Some people in keto diet also take protein powder supplements, especially if they find it hard to determine whether the protein foods they are eating are already going over what is only allowed in the diet. Of course, you cannot just grab whatever protein powders you see without research, especially if you are a newbie to it. If you want to know more, Click here to find out what protein powder works best for beginners.

At the very least, the ketogenic diet is not a fad diet, unless you treat it as such. If you just want to diet just for the sake of it, lose some weight and reduce some inches without caring if this diet is good for your general health, then you are treating it merely as a fad diet. However, by taking in all of its benefits to your body, and not just for losing weight, then this is a legitimate diet and a lifestyle that you can certainly get into.


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