3 Skills Every Entrepreneurial Inventor Should Work On

There was a time when an inventor could simply focus on inventing interesting products and hope for one of them to become successful. Nowadays, with so many inventions hitting the market every year, and millions more being conceived or pitched to investors behind the scenes, the act of inventing a concept or prototype is no longer even much of an achievement in and of itself. If you ever want your inventions to see the light of day and make you a fortune, you might just need to take matters into your own hands and play the role of the entrepreneur as well and protect your Intellectual property (IP). With that said, here are three skills you can add to your repertoire in order to increase your odds of inventing and bringing a popular product to the world:

1. IP Due Diligence

Intellectual property (IP) due diligence is an essential topic for inventors to become familiar with because it ensures that you won’t be accidentally violating any copyright laws with your brand or product names, logos, and features. Fortunately, many of the steps involved in IP due diligence can be handled quickly and easily online. For example, you can run a USPTO search to see if anyone has already trademarked a name you’ve come up with.

2. Conceptual Graphic Design

If you don’t already have the ability to clearly illustrate prototype designs for your inventions within a computer-aided design (CAD) software, obtaining that skill will certainly help you bring your products to life in a more efficient and accurate manner. Taking a few courses on graphic design will not only give you the ability to map out your own inventions, it could also become an additional source of income if you offer design services on a freelance basis. Of course, as a trained graphic designer, you’ll also be a more appealing candidate for many corporate job positions.

3. Internet Marketing

If you don’t know anything about internet marketing, you might be inclined to simply allocate an advertising budget and outsource the promotional responsibilities to a firm. Taking this approach won’t provide you any guarantee that you’ll achieve better results than you could have on your own, and marketing services can become quite expensive in the long-term. Becoming a well-rounded internet marketer is something that most inventors can probably accomplish within a matter of 1-2 months and it’s a skill set that will prove to be beneficial in almost every business endeavor.

You Need to Become More Than an Inventor

Ultimately, if you want your inventions to actually make you money and become top-selling products, you need to be prepared to play multiple roles as an entrepreneur. To really take matters into your own hands and ensure your own success, you should strive to build skills and knowledge related to graphic design, marketing, IP due diligence, and important industry regulations. By becoming a well-rounded businessperson with multiple talents that complement your ability to invent, you’ll have a strategic edge over the vast majority of other inventors who will continue to wait for someone else to popularize their inventions.


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