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Why Choosing an Insulin Pump Company Is Important

You’re interested in using an insulin pump to manage blood glucose levels and your doctor and diabetes management team have determined that an insulin pump is appropriate for your care plan, so what’s next? It’s time to start researching insulin pumps.

There is no one pump that is best for everyone. Choosing the right pump for you is important for diabetes management and requires you to do your research. You’ll most likely start researching features of insulin pumps, like reservoir capacity, the ability to integrate with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), and ease of use, but it’s also important to do your due diligence on insulin pump companies. Below are some questions to address before choosing an insulin pump company to work with.

Is the Company Dedicated to Improving Their Technology?

These days, any device can be adapted to keep up with current technology, even insulin pumps. For example, a touch screen insulin pump capable of remote software updates gives users the convenience of modern technology with the usability of a cell phone. If you want an insulin pump that delivers features consistent with those of modern technology, then choose an insulin pump company that’s dedicated to updating their devices in order to improve the user’s experience and to improve patient health.

Do They Offer Quality Customer Support and Customer Care?

Personable customer care drives trust customer loyalty. When you purchase any product, you probably expect customer support if and when you have any questions or concerns. The quality of customer support and customer care makes a big difference, since you may be using this pump for years — warranties typically last four years before insurance companies will pay for a new insulin pump.

Part of quality customer service should include patient education and device training. When you purchase a new insulin pump, will the company provide you with personal technical training to learn how to use it and all of its features? Will they be available to you when you have additional questions or concerns?

Can You Try Out the Pump Before Making Your Purchase?

Some insulin pump companies allow you to borrow and test out a pump before buying one, or offer free simulation apps that give you the ability to try out the pump interface on your own. You’ll have to test it out using a saline solution, but the trial run will give you an opportunity to test out the ease-of-use of the device. It’s worth your while to take advantage of these opportunities. Don’t rely on videos and marketing materials to make your decision — test out the product first hand and make your own decision on how you feel about the product. A company’s willingness to let you try out a product before making a purchase shows that they value quality customer care and are confident in their product.

The Bottom Line

You can buy the best insulin pump on the market, but if the company is not invested in listening to consumers’ needs and taking them into account to provide the best service possible, then you may be left feeling frustrated. When comparing insulin pumps, look for a company that is there for you and dedicated to improving their product and therefore customer experience.

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