Church Suits – the Essence of New Fashion

Still thinking about what to wear for your Sunday prayers? Church suits are the best outfits that give a delicate and modest look. The church suits are not confined to church events but have become a fashion statement in recent years.

Wearing church suits has gained so much popularity that various designer houses have taken it seriously in creating outstanding church suit designs.  Donna Vinci Couture, Karen Clark, Tally Tailor, Lisa Rene & DV Jeans & DVC Exclusive, and Lily and Tailor are some of the best designer outfits to name. You can look for the church suits at a reasonable price as the designer wears are pretty extravagant. If you don’t like spending a lot on outfits, you can buy something that doesn’t hit your pocket.  You can even wear Christian Tshirts to give you an appropriate appearance.

The Rise of a Modern Dress

Church suits are trending since the early 19th century, when women started taking fashion seriously for church prayers, and the trend still continuous.   It started first in England, then in Northern Europe and finally America, where women fell in love with church suits. A beautiful hat that would complement the church suit was fashionable in England for an official dinner, luncheon, a wedding, or much more. Church suit is for all age groups and can be worn by your grandma, your mom, and you. You can still wear it together today and flaunt it as much as you can as they say fashion keeps repeating itself.

Church Suits as a Fashion Trend

Church suit is much more than a jacket, a top or a camisole, and a skirt. It comes with varying range and fabrics and colors, so choose the exact suit for the precise occasion, and that goes with your taste.  You often find it hard choosing clothes for a party, office or a Sunday date with family or planning to go to the beach. Well, you are always confused because there are still too many options, and you have to keep certain things in mind. The weather, hour of the day, guest or host, everything matters, you always want to stand out of the crowd but in a decent way.

Wearing a Church suits makes you look elegant and modest.  You can put up a monochromatic outfit or a floral printed 3 piece skirt and jacket, or a dual-colored church suit with a designer hat to go with your attire. Polka dots, lacy dresses are always head-turners, and you can flaunt it no matter what your age is. You can also put a belt or a broach to go with your suit and team up a beautiful hat to it.

Choosing apparel according to your body shape is always a plus point. You can always select your suit according to your taste as they come with varying necklines and shoulder designs, as well. Be it a silk suit, or a crepe suit, or a cotton suit, a Cambridge, or brocade, or a Lurex suit, you can choose fabrics that you are comfortable in wearing.

Choosing the Right Color for You

Colors are always an essential aspect of your outfit because when you want to look modest, choosing a wrong color might make your look dull and boring. You can always pick your color according to your skin tone without making it too loud or too simple.  Trying evergreen colors like white, black, green, yellow, or any bright colors like blue, torques, pink, red, or saffron will attract attention towards you. Wearing a high-low jacket with volume sleeves or a boxy jacket with embroideries or embellished top with a skirt makes your look significant. A 3 piece peplum solid or a lacy dress with a jacket and a broach to complement it, every design is a trendsetter and unique.

The Perfect Fit for your Body

The church clothes come with different sizes as well to fit you. Besides the regular extra small, small, medium, and large sizes, some brands also make plus size women church suits. The plus sizes include XL, XXL, and XXL church suits, so don’t worry if you have gained some weight. Looking for an outfit that can hide your extra bulging body fats, then a church suit is the right choice for you? It is an exquisite outfit that makes you more confident. You are not bothered about the broad shoulders or layered fats on your pot-belly and back that make you look like a hippie.  Gaining weight always comes with never losing it quickly, and you lose your confidence with the very idea of body shaming you at public events. You still gain too much on unwanted attention and choose for a place to hide yourself unless you find the right design that would go with your body type.

If you ever think of wearing a church suit for a Sunday, First lady, church suits always give you a delicate, elegant, and heavenly feeling.  You might have seen the queen of England wearing bright first lady church suits on multiple occasions. You always look graceful wearing a First lady church suit. Wearing a church suit and ensembles for a luncheon, a cocktail party, any special occasion, or for your daughter’s wedding is a great idea. A floral printed suit or geometric printed suit can be chosen according to the event you are going to attend. A solid monochromatic dress with a belt and a fancy hat to add on to first lady church suit as the name says makes you like a royal.


To sum it up, church suits are trending and not confined to as church outfits or holy outfits and make your day in evening dinner parties or at weddings. They are available at a wide range of stunning colors, designs, and fabrics, and prices range from reasonable church suits to branded and designer outfits. Plus size women church suits are also readily available at the market. You can also choose your church suit according to the fabric, and wear silk or satin flared skirt or a body-fitting skirt with elastic material. Ensembles, embellished, and lacy outfits for the church are trending with high volume sleeves repeating themselves.

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