Why are eBooks better than Print!


Due to advancement in technology, everything around us is digital. This has created a debate about the effectiveness of printed books as many people have switched to eBooks — they pose many advantages that printed books do not offer. You can easily purchase them online. According to a survey, 20% of book readers read more eBooks compared to printed books.

There was a time when people faced issues, such as packing several books for their vacation. Fortunately, all you have to do now is download your favorite books and enjoy the experience on your trip. E-books are more suitable for college students who do not have to worry about paying over a hundred dollars for a book which they will only use for a short while. Below are some of the reasons why eBooks are more suitable than prints.

EBooks are Environmentally Friendly

As the world is trying to produce environmentally friendly products to protect the world’s resources, eBooks offer a solution to many problems. EBooks decrease the level of deforestation worldwide, since the demand for paper falls. It is estimated that around 3 million trees are cut every year to produce new books. Imagine if we can avoid cutting down such trees and decrease the emission of carbon dioxide, we will be able to play an active role to decrease the effects of global warming which is harming countries across the world.

Easily Accessible

You can carry easy eBooks worth over a hundred GBs on your cell phone and study the material at your convenience. Both students and teachers can use the learning material whenever they need to, without the stress of packing anything. Although you may need an internet connection to access some books, others can be accessed without it.

Easily Stored in a Device

EBooks are portable and you no longer need to carry bulky books with you when you go to college, as an eBook reader has the storage capacity of holding thousands of eBooks. Just put the device in your bag and use it whenever you need to.

Augmented Reality Experience

Perhaps one of the best experiences you can get from using eBooks is by using augmented reality. It has taken the experience to a new level since you can use texts and images with augmented 3D visuals which makes reading and learning an enjoyable experience. The user only needs to point the device at the image that you want to augment and an enhanced version of that is displayed on the screen. Educational institutes and corporate organizations use this tool to enhance the quality of their eBooks and improve user experience.

Read Aloud Feature

EBooks are now being designed with new features such as text to speech and read-aloud feature. This facility allows users to listen to the e-book if they do not have the leisure to read it, while driving a car or cleaning the house. This feature is essential for children and adults who suffer from a learning disability or visual impairment and allows the user to learn how a particular word is pronounced, which is not available with paper books.

Since everyone is used to electronic gadgets, they prefer eBooks over print books. It is better to carry one device with several books than to carry several books at once. It’s more convenient and beneficial these days since it has many features which make reader’s lives easy.




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