Wear Your Favorite Inspirational Sayings on Your T-Shirt

Everyone must have worn a t-shirt at one point in their lives, may it be a school uniform or club identity shirt, or just plain ones you wear every day.  No matter what your style is, or your status is, or your location or profession – these must have, at one point, had a place in your closet. It is a wardrobe staple, so to speak. It serves as a blank canvass that allows the wearer to express his personality by the way he wears it.

But what makes a t-shirt worth picking and wearing? What makes it worthy of you picking it and having a place for it in your closet? What do you consider when you buy one for yourself, or when you give away one, or when you surprise a loved one with one? What makes it look good? Is it the brand, the quality of material used, the seams, the print, and others?

The Fabric

Choosing t-shirts of good quality, one would always choose cotton fabric – 100% cotton is best. Cotton ones are very print-friendly – print look best on them. Natural fiber age beautifully than synthetics, so this means you will not have to worry about issues as the years go by, unlike when the fabric is synthetic which can be an issue later on.

Noteworthy is that not all fabrics that would say they are made of 100% cotton has good quality. This is so because not all cottons are equally created – there are low-end and high-end cottons. The denser the fabric, the better because this means the weave is tighter. When the weave is tighter, it does not mean the t-shirt will be bulkier or heavier – the weight won’t change, just the thickness of the fabric used.

The length of the fiber usually determines quality of the cotton. Longer fibers make it easier to spin into finer yarns making it more bonded together, thus making it softer and more durable.

Good quality cotton is softest, but can be cheated. T-shirts in shops can feel so soft to touch but that would not automatically mean they are made of good quality cotton, because the fabric can just be coated with chemicals to make it feel soft. That is the reason why some t-shirts are soft at first but after several washes they become rough. They could have been just coated with starch and not really made of high-quality cotton.

What makes a t-shirt look good?

Read about the importance of a good t-shirt in sites like https://www.esquire.com/uk/style/fashion/news/a1257/the-importance-of-a-good-t-shirt/. A good t-shirt has attributes. Aside from the fabric, the following contributes to the overall look of this simple garment:


  • Black – it has a way of matching well with other combinations of color, but black fades more quickly than the other colors.
  • Gray – somehow gives more freedom, you can go lighter or darker (your whole outfit). If you are well-built, it enhances your physique.
  • Navy Blue – better than black during the day. It works well with monochrome looks.
  • White – plains are best when it is a V-neck so it does not look like an undershirt.


Cartoons, abstracts, quotes, superheroes, and others – all of these can be printed on this garment, but not all of these would fit all wearers. Prints most often reflect not just the wearer’s choice of fashion, but also his personality (read here). Printing quality also adds to the characteristic of a good t-shirt.

Because it is the simplest garment in the wardrobe, there are important attributes to it. The manufacturing process, the materials used, the quality, the price, the print – all of these are considerable attributes that are paramount to a simple t-shirt. As the saying goes, if you want quality you must pay for it which means, never mind the price because high-end materials or fabric and craftsmanship will cost you money.

However, it does not also mean that when it is expensive, it is of quality – that if a t-shirt is expensive it will last you for years. The amount of money spent on a t-shirt does not guarantee its quality. Often times, products are expensive, not because of the craftsmanship or the quality of raw materials used, but because of the brand name it carries with it. There are still those companies that offer good-quality products but for lower prices – they might be few, but they exist.


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