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Invisalign in Round Rock: Achieving that Perfect Smile

Crocked teeth do at a certain level of character to a face, but most people don’t want to be known for their interesting teeth! Thankfully braces are an excellent way to help realign teeth and help people have the beautiful smile they want, unfortunately braces are expensive, and while parents will be willing to pay for their tween to have their adult teeth fixed, having braces can be unappealing for adults or teenagers.

In fact, the cost of braces is often the lest of the reasons why teenagers and adults end up living with their crooked teeth. Although certain rap stars may have tried to make ‘grills’ popular, braces just don’t do it for young professionals or teens wanting to be viewed as grownup – braces do tend to make people look less mature; and that’s why alternatives are being sought from orthodontists ( Then there is the issue with the rubber bands flying off at the most inappropriate times, wires breaking, being unable to eat certain foods, and the diabolically nightmare that is trying to keep your teeth clean when you’re wearing braces.

Although for some complicated issues there will be no alternative but to use braces, for many more run of the mill issues where extraction isn’t required, new technology and developments now mean that you can have straighter teeth in a fraction of the time and at a portion of the cost of full braces. There are orthodontics that can offer a free consultation about Invisalign in Round Rock. Invisalign have been around for a few years, but are only starting to gain popularity as more specialists become aware of the technology. As the Invisalign technology gains mainstream attention people are also starting to ask about whether it is an option that would be suitable for their needs.

What Is Invisalign?

This is one of the more popular brands of clear aligner systems designed to be used as a short-term orthodontic treatment that can be helpful for correcting minor tooth misalignment or overcrowding. They look similar to a mouth guard, and like a mouth guard are custom molded to fit your mouth.

Using computer technology, they dentist or orthodontist is able to produce a mold that will be worn for most of the day for around two weeks.  Because they are not permanently attached to your teeth like conventional braces are, the mold can be easily removed to allow you to brush your teeth properly and to enjoy whatever meal you wish to eat (two notorious problems with conventional braces, even the more invisible type, being food stuck in the wires and an inability to clean teeth well).

After two weeks you will go back to your dental specialist, who will assess how well the mold is working, and create a new mold that will fit your new tooth structure. This newly created mold will again be worn for another two weeks.

Although the process may seem slow, with several different molds being used, it is significantly faster than conventional wire braces (which still require regular repeated visits to an orthodontist in order to have the wires readjusted).

Does It Really Work?

Although there are a number of different clear-aligner treatments available, with the first product of the style, Invisalign being available since 1999, there is still only a limited amount of research into how effective the treatment really is. However, for minor corrective requirements it would appear that for the vast majority this is an incredibly effective, relatively inexpensive, and more convenient option.

It should certainly be an option to be discussed with your orthodontist though but do take their advice into consideration. If your professional, trained, dental specialist suggests that braces are going to be a better option by all means question why, even look at getting a second opinion, but you will usually find that most orthodontists and dentists only want to provide you the best option for your teeth.

Clear aligners like Invisalign are slowly gaining popularity to treat more complex malocclusions as the technology develops, and the company suggests that their product can result in a 40° rotation in the upper and lower central incisors.

While the reduced cost of this system makes it appealing, you will need to talk to you dentist about how many molds you will require, and you may find that with complex issues the cost of braces actually works out cheaper with more accurate results than using a clear aligner treatment system.

Mouth Aesthetics

While braces are excellent for corrections, clear aligners are perfect for more aesthetic fixes, minor gaps and slightly crooked teeth. The system allows just certain teeth to be corrected rather than having the full mouth wired up. You will find that the thin layer of plastic is not highly noticeable and doesn’t interfere overly with your ability to speak clearly – unlike bulking mouthguards these don’t tend to fall out easily either.

A final bonus – if you are going to a particular event or even just a night on the town, you can leave you clear aligner at home and not worry.

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