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Relaxing With Corala Weighted Blankets

My daughter and I sleep with weighted blankets.  She has been sleeping with one for about ten years and I started just recently.  Honestly I find it hard to sleep with a “normal” blanket anymore which means I am going to need another one for next camping season – one for travel and home.  Then my mother in law wanted one and she is now hooked – we have a multi-generational home.  There really is nothing like it.

So what weighted blanket to get for my husband?  This Corala Weighted Blanket!  It is so awesome and definitely not your average blanket.  My husband and I both public school administrators then we come home and work some more.  That coupled with special needs children and a third generation with my mother in law all under the same roof has us valuing every moment of sleep we can get.  Not only do we need enough sleep but it must be quality sleep.

Corala weighted blankets ease anxiety and stress, eases restlessness and irritability, improve focus etc…

This blanket comes in its own gift box.  It is a nice sturdy box with complementary coloring to emphasize the quality of the product inside.

I know for a fact my husband is going to fall in love with this blanket even if it is only because of the color – his favorite color!  But he also likes soft – and this blanket comes with two duvet covers.  One cover is minky like and designed to keep a person warm in the winter while the other is cotton and designed to keep cool in the summer.  I don’t know of any other blankets that come with all this one has to offer.

The blanket has a diamond stitched pattern so the weight is always evenly distributed and it can even be washed!  This blanket is 20 pounds and 60×80 (Queen size).  You can even try this blanket for 30 days risk free!  Best of all this blanket is priced very well!

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