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Can You DIY Your Own Data Recovery?

Think about how much you store on your laptop or computer. It’s more than just files. Typically, people also use their laptop and desktop to store their family photos and videos as well, both of which are special and irreplaceable. Now imagine if, by some stroke of a wand, everything on your computer was wiped out – completely lost. It’s like an instant punch in the gut that will go on to cause stress.

In that moment, it’s perfectly natural to scramble and try to figure out how to get all your “stuff” back, but is DIY data recovery really the best plan? Here we’ll take a look at whether or not attempting DIY data recovery is wise and what your other options are.

What Can Go Wrong with DIY Data Recovery

What could possibly go wrong with you attempting to restore the data you have lost? What if you’re able to recover it quickly and then all is fine? The problem is that in your attempts to recover the data, you may in fact make the problem worse. It can be so damaging that data recovery is now a lost cause, even by an expert.

There’s also the fact that if you aren’t exactly technically inclined or savvy, the steps you’ll need to take will be way outside your comfort zone.

Ideally, you want to refrain from allowing the computer to perform any operations. This includes repairing the operating system, re-installing the operating system, or reformatting. All of these things can result in permanent lost data. Instead, turn your computer off, then power it back up. You want to listen closely as it powers on to see if there are any strange noises coming from it that could be causing the issue.

If it powers up fine and all looks good, then you should be okay. Otherwise, it’s best to turn it right back off and get your computer looked at.

What Can a Professional Do for You?

This is where a professional can step in and assist as they are able to offer data recovery using their tools, knowledge, and experience, all of which trumps any DIY job you could do yourself. Some data recovery services like won’t charge you a fee unless the data has been recovered. That means you have nothing to lose. Many are even able to offer emergency, same-day services, which are ideal when you’ve got sensitive or important data at risk.

Professionals can retrieve data from hard drives that are scratched, are clicking, have a stuck motor, have platter damage, have experienced accidental file deletion, have torn heads, have gone though environmental damage, and more.

It’s Just Not Worth the Risk

So, while it may be tempting in the moment to fiddle around, press keys, and try to DIY your data recovery on your laptop or desktop computer, there’s a good chance you could be doing more harm than good and even erasing all chances of retrieving that lost data. Seeking the services of a professional is always the recommended route to take, and investing in an external hard drive as a back-up measure for the future is also a great idea.

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