The Keiki Ukulele – Perfect For Little Ones

My kids (age 14-32) love music.  We just always have.  Our home is one that has music everywhere – guitars, drums, piano, keyboards, ukuleles, saxophones, recorders, tambourines, triangles and more.  Something for everyone.  The kids are far better with the instruments than I – but I dabble when I find some time.  My grandmother used to love sitting and watching me play the piano.  Sometimes when I couldn’t get to see her, I would just call her and play for her – she loved it so much and I am not even good!

But now we have grandchildren.  They are quite young and I prefer that they don’t “bang around” on our expensive equipment.  Sometimes even with supervision it can become a bit of a problem.  Getting something that is completely age appropriate is definitely the answer.  The trick is it has to have realistic sound and look like the big guys so they will enjoy joining in.

KeiKi Ukuleles are definitely just what we needed in our lives.  This is the perfect ukulele for young kids.  This ukulele is affordable and very well made and sturdy – available in seafoam green, sandalwood, sunset red, and pacific blue.  We have the seafoam green – everyone loves green in our family.

My grandson is going to love this ukulele – he loves playing “guitar” with uncle Anthony.  Now he will have a size appropriate instrument in the coolest color to join in.

This is a plastic ukulele but with a wood grain texture to it.  There was a great deal of effort put into this amazing design.  Musicians and music teachers have noted that the learning curve for the ukulele is much easier than that of the guitar. Within a few days of practice, you can start making music and playing songs. The tension of the strings is lower on the ukulele, and there are fewer strings to manage, making it easier for beginners to play!

It even comes with all the accessories needed – digital tuner, gig bag, carry strap (not in photo) and even a guide book and some retro stickers!  Everything needed to get started and personalize the experience.

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