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Whenever my car tires get low I need to wait for my husband.  I am never happy going to a gas station to get air for my tires.  I know it may seem strange but it fills me with anxiety.  When I get home, my husband has one of those big air compressors that is pretty huge and heavy.  Yeah I won’t use that without him either.   Additionally I never have a convenient way to put air in my bike or the kids bikes.  Very frustrating.

But now I have found the AirXwills Air Compressor and I love it.  The size is perfect – I can keep it right in the back of my car where I will be most in need of it.  I always need a source of air at the barn where I board my horses – anything with wheels such as many wheelbarrows.  This air compressor is simply the size and weight of your typical drill.  Easy to store and takes up minimal space while still being quite effective.  

There is an attachment specifically for tires – looks like your typical air pump attachment and screws onto the air compressor.  Included is also a rechargeable battery that clips right into the bottom.

What makes this 12v air compressor so special is that it not only includes the rechargeable battery but also a second battery that plugs into your car just for those times when you forget to recharge the battery.  It even has attachments for all sorts of things like inflatables, tires, balls etc.. and the attachments can be stored directly in the batteries!

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One thought on “AirXwills Air Compressor

  1. richard trantanella says:

    when i plug the battery charger in to the computer it is blue not red so is it fully chared or not it works good untill i pul;l the trigger then it shuts off

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