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DIYs To Stop Bed Bug Infestation


There is no bigger irritation than waking up in the middle of the night with all the itching from bed bug bites. Although there are no major diseases spread by them, bed bugs are creatures that suckle your blood and ruin your peaceful sleep. It is better to keep them off your furniture and beds and find their source with some simple Do It Yourself techniques. If you have no clue of any, here is a list that could help you win battles with these tiny bugs.

  1. Use your vacuum cleaner to suck up all the baby nymphs and also the larvae. It is your luck if the bigger ones get sucked in too, but this would at least reduce the count of bed bugs on your bed and furniture. Use the vacuum in between all the tiny creeks and holes which could be the hideout of a hundred bugs. This is a purely non-toxic bed bug control method.
  2. Wash all the bed coverings with hot water. Hot water is a natural bed bug killer. It destroys the larvae and also the newly hatched nymphs. Make sure that the water you use to wash is hot and not warm. Cleanse it using a bar of soap made with naturally available aromatic ingredients.
  3. Dust baking soda on your furniture to kill bed bugs. Although your furniture looks powder-bathed, this is one of the easiest ways to get rid of bugs. Baking soda is called the best bed bug repellent and is known to absorb moisture from food. What is unknown is that it absorbs moisture from the body of the bugs and in turn, kills them. You can fill the creeks and gaps of your furniture with baking soda to avoid bed bug infestation.
  4. Make a bed bug spray with lavender. This is the best way to keep bed bugs off your space. Lavenders have a soothing smell that the bed bugs hate. The fragrance not only keeps them far away but also helps you get a peaceful sleep. Check out for natural bed bug repellent sprays that have lavender oil as the core ingredient and keep off bugs from giving you bed bug bites.
  5. Use a bed bug peppermint or spearmint spray. This again forbids the bed bugs to breed in your furniture. Its strong fragrance is something that you would love and bed bugs hate. With this spray sprayed over your furniture, window curtains, and bed, all the bed bugs that lived in harmony would evacuate the space.
  6. Use a hair-dryer to clean the bedding gaps as bed bugs need a very small enclosure to sneak in and hide. It can also get into your mattresses’ cloth and hide deep inside the cotton and foam of your bed. The heat produced from the hair-dryer would kill the bedbugs and destroy the eggs and larvae if any.
  7. Boil mint leaves, a handful of cloves, and lemongrass in a jar of water until you get a strong fragrance. Allow it to cool and transfer it into a spray bottle. Spray this on all the nooks and corners of your furniture and room. This keeps the bed bugs away from infestation.

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