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Creative Gift Ideas for ‘Secret Santa’ Game In 2019

With the arrival of Christmas, there comes spark of excitement and joy. This excitement is expressed as a major holiday with religious and traditional celebrations, colorful decorations, and exchange of gifts, special meals, and prayers to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. An important part of Christmas decorations is Christmas lights and trees. Christmas tree decorated with garlands, wreaths, colorful gifts & ornaments, 3D signs with custom design, and gifts forms the very basis of Christmas celebration.

Additionally, traditional characters like Santa Claus, Father Christmas and others, brings rapture to the children by bringing gifts for them during the festival. The exchange of gifts is not only popular amongst children but also the older ones which take place through variety of traditional games and rituals. And, the ‘Secret Santa’ game is one of them.

What is Secret Santa Game?

A traditional Christmas game where group of friends, family, relatives or co-workers put their names on card or paper and put them in a box. The cards are randomly drawn by people who then send gift to the person with the name on card. After the recipient gets the gifts, he or she has to guess the name of sender. If they are unable to guess it correctly, the sender eventually confesses that they are the one who sent the gift.

Choosing the Right Gifts for Secret Santa Game

It is important to keep in mind that while exchanging gift in Secret Santa game is just part of the celebration. It holds a great importance in manifesting your affection toward the gift receiver. Since the name on the card will be a random one, it is important to keep in mind the age, choice, relationship and occasion, attributes while choosing the gift. So a gift that could mean a lot to a co-worker may not relished by a kid in your family. Therefore, these facts should be noted while coming up ideas for the secret santa game.

Some Creative Gift ideas for the Game

Coming up with ideas for gifting can be overwhelming, when there are a lot of ideas hovering over your head. To help you out, here are some unique and interesting gift ideas. Take a Look!

  1. Multi Photo Color Changing Mug

This color changing mug can surprise yet astonishing at the same time. It is a perfect gift for a special occasion like Christmas. Besides, you can gift it to anyone in your family, to your friends or co-workers. Although, the mug seems similar to a normal one, however, when a hot beverage is poured into it, it magically changes its color. You can choose to place any of your photos with the personalization feature.

  1. Hidden Message Tie

What if you came across a situation, when you have to gift someone that you love? The secret gift needs to romantic yet special at the same time. This hidden message tie can be a remarkable way to express the hidden feelings of your heart. All you need to do is use the special pocket on the back to put your message.

  1. Family Belonging Mug

Playing secret santa game with your family? Here is the coolest gifting idea for the whole family. This family belonging mug is easy to customize so you can put the name or relationship with any of the family member. So, your get together moments can be much sweeter, every time you take sip of coffee enjoying with these mugs.

  1. Cuddle Time Rag Doll

Wondering what could be the ideal gift for a kid? Look no further. These Cuddle Time Rag Dolls will make any kid go crazy. What make these dolls so special are their stunning looks and catchy colors. Plus, they are soft and friendly. So, the kids would get the playmate they were look around to cuddle.

  1. The Memories Notebook

The memory notebook could be the ideal gift for the family members to bring back the past moments alive. It is a great fit to describe the importance of a person in your live by showcasing older pictures. This would turn the person nostalgic the same way, when you felt the same going through those pictures.

  1. Pizza Slice Plates

The pizza slice plates are one of the creative gifting ideas which make you serve pizza on a pizza plate. If you are looking forward to gift some who really loves and enjoying eating pizza, then this is your perfect bet. Most fabulous part of these plates is they look absolutely like the real pizza with a gift looks very much similar to a pizza packing box.

  1. Pie Chart Paper Pendants

These pendants are way too fashionable and stylish that any kid will definitely fall for it. For students or nerds, this could be preferably an awesome gifting item. If you are looking for an affordable and cheap gift item. This could be the one to go for.

  1. Portable Heater

Along with the festive season, comes the chilling winter. If you are looking for gifting ideas that not only looks good but is functional as well. This could be one item to explore. With its small and portable design, this could fit in any space and can keep the area warm all around the winters.

  1. Candy Tree

Be aware, this could be exceptionally sweet. This candy tree includes all sorts of candies that your kids can imagine. From chocolates, gummies, lollipops, caramels, chewing gums, and others, candy tree has it all. This looks delectable and spectacular at the same time.

  1. Pocket Lamp Credit Card-Sized Lightbulb

A small pocket credit card size light bulb which can be used in case of any power cut and emergency situation.  This gift is definitely a smart gifting idea that can be put to practical use. Most important, you can gift it to someone who really appreciates something that deserves attention. This item will certainly take them from being simple to being extraordinary.

  1. Pet Selfie & Portrait Tool

For the pet lovers, it would be the fantastic gifting option. This tool easily clips on your smartphone, so, you never end up with blurry photos. While catching the perfect shot of the pet could be a challenge, this tools easily attract attention and help click the adorable pictures. It can be attached both at the back and front. So, it can capture any moment without compromise.

Bottom Line

Hope these gifting ideas have worked extremely well in dealing and helping with all the uncertainties in choosing the perfect gift for the Christmas. These gifting ideas are affordable and pocket friendly. Therefore, you can enjoy the Christmas with the same spirit of joy and happiness.

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