The Best Guides for Choosing Shapewear

Shapewear is getting popular each day. It is what celebrities put on when walking on a red carpet. The best shapewear for women is like an iron box that smoothed out every crease or lump on your body, leaving you perfectly shaped and aligned.

However, with so many styles including corsets and different types of fabrics, how do you determine which shapewear works best for you? Here is a guide to help you out. What is my body shape quiz?

For all-over shaping, Pick a full bodysuit

If you want to manage your curves from head to toe without wearing too much of shapewear, consider purchasing a full bodysuit. It will save you the trouble of finding the top and bottom pieces. However, full-body suit works best for women who need to shape their chest because this garment has chest flattering effect.

Stick to your size

Shapewear like any garment comes in varying sizes. Women tend to get smaller sizes, intending to earn extra firmness. Expert stylists have warned women against wearing smaller sizes as it has colossal effects on the body. In fact, it only causes discomfort, bulges and makes you look bigger.  When buying, look for your size and try it out. Make sure you are as comfortable as possible before buying.

Do high waist for a smaller torso

Experts agree that wearing high waist pants, shorts or skirts guarantee a smooth line all through to the torso. Look for shapewear that runs up to the bra line. You can even look for those that you can hook on to your bra so that they won’t slip off.

Choose cotton to help keep you cool

Most shapewear is made of spandex and nylon, which are both synthetics. These types of materials can cause discomfort, particularly in breathing. Well, that will be great for cold weather where you need to keep warm. In the warmer months, you need something that helps reduce sweating as much as possible. Look for lighter versions, especially cotton for moisture.


Shapewear is an essential garment. Picking the right fit is not an option, but mandatory. Whether you are simply looking for tummy control underwear, body suit or short, finding the right pick is not always easy. We hope these few tips will help. With top-end designer shapewear,  you  will no longer have to worry about your muffin tops. The advancement in fashion has a solution to fix up all wardrobe malfunctioning. Wearing the shapewear can help in controlling and concealing the muffin tops as well as build an hourglass body shape on any occasions. Choosing Cosmolle shapewear is the first step to enhance your confidence from inside out.


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