Robot Sleepy Light

Kids love night lights.  This goes way back to candles in bedrooms in times of old, then plug in night lights that are boring but functional.  When my daughter was young she had a night light buddy – that was pretty cool but they don’t make them anymore.

Now we have found this Robot Sleepy Light.  It is totally awesome and very chic!  Not sure if a child would refer to it as chic but as a mom – yup it totally is.

This is the Robot Sleepy Light but there are also other Sleepy Lights such as mermaid, fairy, ice cream cone etc… There are four power modes:

  • “sleep” mode button lowers luminance to 2% brightness which is perfect for sleeping.
  • “Hour” timer turns the night light off after 60 minutes to ease your children into a peaceful night sleep.
  • “Side lamp” soft light will ease young eyes while allowing your child to finish some bedtime reading or add last minute details to a homework assignment.
  • “Rainbow” mode can be set by simply pressing a button. The nightlight will begin a beautiful soothing transition of all colors the lamp offers.

Simply set it up and let your child watch the calm light experience prior to falling asleep.  Just enough light to keep a room from total darkness and provide comfort.

There is even a remote control making the light even more fun.

This light is 10.7 inches tall and 6.7 inches wide.

Looking for something more special than your basic night light?  Then choose the Robot Sleepy Light and help your child get a great night’s sleep.

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