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Snuggle Monster – Hide and Seek Bedtime

We all love a good night’s sleep.  And even more important is our kids’ getting a good nights sleep – that makes it even better!  We have always had a bedtime routine as they are so important for young ones.  The routines have changed over the years with us having 5 children spread throughout 20 years.  Now we have grandchildren and since we are much older we definitely feel strongly about routines.

Children need a bedtime buddy.  Sometimes that is a blankie, a stuffed animal etc… My youngest daughter had a huggable night light.  My grandchildren will now have this Snuggle Monster which is totally awesome.  Perfect for helping to solidify routines.  This is a set that comes complete with a monster to snuggle with as well as a book to read as a bedtime story.

This Snuggle Monster helps to calm a child’s fears and concerns and allows you to spend quality time with your child (grandchild).  It is so much fun to hide the Snuggle Monster, read the story then allow them to find their plushie.

We have the purple Snuggle Monster but there are others such as blue and pink.

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