Tips for Planning a Memorable Holiday in 2020


Whether you are heading to the sunny Algarve in Portugal or making your way to the Canary Islands, you will undoubtedly want to ensure that your hard-earned holiday is everything that you hope it to be and more. As such, here are a few helpful tips for planning a memorable holiday in 2020 and beyond.

Carefully consider where to stay

Most people automatically start hunting for hotels when it is time to book accommodation for their holiday. However, in the vast majority of cases, staying in a hotel or B&B simply isn’t going to be the best possible option for you and your travel party. Staying in villas like Barbados Villas, on the other hand, can promise maximum enjoyment, freedom, and value for money – especially if you are traveling with a larger group of friends and family. Villa holidays allow you to avoid the crowds and spend your getaway in a welcoming home away from home. Plus, there is no need to fight for a sun lounger at the pool every morning. You will have a luxurious pool all of your own! St Barts Villas gives you the freedom to enjoy your holidays the way you want; certainly an experience you will cherish all your life.

Think about your destination

There are so many factors to think about before making a decision regarding where to go on holiday. From the time of year that you will be visiting to the type of holiday that you wish to enjoy, it definitely is not a decision to make lightly. Do your research and ensure that the weather, in particular, is going to allow you to savor every activity included in your itinerary before you go ahead and book those tickets. The great news is that you don’t have to worry about travelling during peak season if you will be staying in a villa as mentioned above. Just be sure to secure your stay early to avoid disappointment!

Book your flights

Getting the most affordable airfare is many a holidaymaker’s goal. Luckily, there are countless ways in which to do this. For example, experts claim that the best deals are released on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and that it is usually much cheaper to fly during the week (except Fridays) than it is to fly over the weekend. You might also want to sign up to receive newsletters from your favourite airlines so that you are always the first to know whenever they are running any specials.

Plan your itinerary

Even if you have an adrenaline-filled holiday in mind, be mindful of how you plan your itinerary. Leave enough time for relaxing – after all, you don’t want to return home feeling more exhausted than you did when you left! Also, don’t forget to cater to each individual in your travel party. Try to plan everything so that everyone travelling with you gets to do something that they really enjoy at least once per day – and insist that everybody remains open to trying new things!

Keep these great tips in mind and you will be one step closer to experiencing the holiday of your dreams in 2020, and every year thereafter.

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