Benefits of Cross-Training Staff on Different Departments

Establishing a strong workforce involves more than just selecting employees that are suited for one particular job within your organisation, it also means creating a workforce that possesses the versatility necessary to maintain a consistent level of productivity across all departments. This is an area where cross-training can add a real edge to your business. In this article we will be discussing the benefits of cross-training your staff members, as well as how it can enhance the facilitation skills of your staff.

Enhanced Collaboration

Good collaboration is vital to the success of any workforce. In order for various departments to work together seamlessly, it requires all staff to have informed knowledge of the goings on of each department. Most new hires have expertise in one specific aspect of the company, without offering additional cross-training in different departments, it runs the risk of that employee being hyper-focused on only one area of the company.

This can negatively impact the ability for that employee to effectively collaborate with the company’s other departments. Offering cross-training for all new, and existing employees, provides staff across all departments the means necessary to not only collaborate more effectively with one another, but offer insightful input as well.

Create a Motivated Workforce

One of the most common reasons that an employee lacks, or loses motivation, is the feeling that they are in a dead-end job. When an employee feels that they are in a position that offers them no opportunity for growth or movement, it often causes the employee to find themselves in a rut. This can lead to loss of motivation, or worse loss of staff. Employees who feel stuck in their positions will often seek out opportunities within another organisation. Offering skill building opportunities such as facilitation skills training will not only create a more skilled and versatile employee, it will also motivate them to strive towards career change, and/or  growth, within the company.

Utilise Existing Talent

In today’s competitive workforce it is crucial to have a staff that is able to work in various areas of your organisation. This can reduce the need to hire additional staff to replace or assist existing staff . Having staff members who are trained in all departments of the company will empower staff to share their input, and abilities, with team members as well as reduce the need to hire additional staff, and eliminate the costs associated with employee onboarding.

Reveal Hidden Employee skills

Cross training staff on different departments via a facilitation skills workshop can not only provide a springboard for advancing your company goals, and objectives, but also reveal hidden talents within staff members that can further enhance collaboration, and productivity, amongst your team. This will help to build a workforce with the enhanced agility needed to be the front-runner in your industry.

Improve Time Management Skills

There is a delicate balance between reaping the benefits of cross-training your staff to be able to work in different departments, and overloading your employees. Enrolling your staff in change management courses can help them learn to maximise their time management skills in a more effective way- allowing them to increase productivity without burning them out.



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