How Committed Are You To The Morale Of Your Staff?

Countless studies have revealed that staff morale is a major contributing factor to productivity in the workplace. It’s no secret that a happy employee is a productive employee; this is why more and more employers are focusing on the importance of high morale within their staff. Which stands to question, how committed are you to the morale of your staff? In this article we will be discussing the importance of staff morale, and the steps that employers should be taking to maintain high morale within their staff

Do You Show Appreciation For Your Staff’s Accomplishments?

One of the biggest mistakes that employers make is neglecting to recognise the accomplishments that their staff has achieved. While verbally expressing this gratitude to staff is important, it isn’t always enough. Personal notes, cards, or emails, outlining in detail your staff members accomplishments not only shows that you appreciate their hard work and value them as an employee, it also shows that you’re really paying attention to their efforts. This is excellent for staff morale and encourages staff members to keep up the good work.

Is Your Management Setting A Positive Example?

Negativity within the workplace works just like a plague, it spreads. Even one miserable employee can negatively impact the entire group. This is especially true when that negativity is coming from someone in a leadership position.

Managers and team leaders are tasked with the awesome burden of guiding and encouraging their staff on a daily basis. When these managers and team leaders have a negative approach to their working day, it trickles down to the staff.

This almost always negatively impacts productivity and employee relations. Managers and team leaders who find themselves struggling to maintain a positive atmosphere within the workplace may benefit from a facilitations skills workshop to help them work on their communication, organisation, and leadership skills.

Host Regular Staff Lunches

This seems like a little thing, but to staff members it can be a major indication that they are being appreciated by upper management. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or expensive either. Something as simple as ordering a few pizzas for staff to devour can substantially boost employee morale. It also encourages employees to socialise with one another during downtimes which helps build positive co-worker relationships.

Schedule Team Boosting Activities

Team boosting activities for staff have become common practice in big industry. This is because more and more employers have seen the benefits that having a staff that works well together can produce. Team boosting activities not only encourage teamwork, they help to build positive relationships between both staff an upper management. This creates a more positive and productive work environment and helps ease staff into work role changes that may be occurring. Many companies are utilising change management consultants to help employees in ever-changing work roles to adapt.

Maintaining a positive work environment, and good staff morale can be a challenge, especially if you’re dealing with a large staff, or high stress workloads. This is where finding ways to express your gratitude to your staff for their hard work can go a long way and have an excellent impact on your company’s bottom line.


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