A Winning Mindset: How Positivity can Help you Succeed in Any Business

Success in the business world is a function of many factors, and yet, top executives have found a way to grow and thrive in any condition.  One thing those who succeed in business have in common is a positive attitude and the drive to perform their best.  In other words, it appears that “making it” in any market is more attainable if you have a winning mindset.

Here are 5 ways to developing and maintaining a winning mindset.

Take risks

Some of the most successful people got to where they are today because they were not afraid to take risks. Although fear of the unknown can create anxiety, passing up an opportunity can only hold you back.

Roger Crawford, former athlete and motivational speaker says, “An integral part of a winning mindset is seeing opportunity and risk as partners. In other words, you can’t have one without the other.”

Feed your mind with positive thoughts

Those who think with a ‘glasshalffull’ mentality have an advantage over those who view the glass as ‘halfempty’.  Similarly,a negative mindset, anticipating failure, is less likely to result in success.  Condition yourself to feed your mind with positive and winning thoughts, and you will develop a winning mindset in the process.

Continue to learn

Alan Burak, founder of the investment firm Never Alone Capital says, “The key to happiness is to always grow. The day you stop growing is the day you die. When you stop growing, you’re giving up on life. No matter your age, keep pushing yourself to reach your full potential and always remember that you can do 40% more than what you think is possible.”

Surround yourself with other positive-minded individuals

Positive-minded people understand that those closest to them play a huge role in how successful they will become. Afterall, no one ever ‘made it big’ on their own.  Everyone gets help at some point along their journey.

Toronto family law lawyer Donna Wowk can attest to this.  With a career spanning over three decades, she attributes much of her success to the people with whom she has worked over the years.  That includes the social workers, mental health professionals, police and others with whom she worked during her years as senior counsel to a children’s aid society.  It also includes the lawyers, clients, accounting and other professionals with whom she has worked while in private practice.  Ms. Wowk says developing a winning mindset can only be achieved if you are open to other perspectives.


Set a daily routine

When you develop a daily routine you are maximizing your productivity.  Successful people plan their day before the day even starts.  It can help to simply write down five critical tasks you need to accomplish that day (or the next).  This will allow you to reach your goals and move further ahead.

Perhaps the most important factor to remember when developing a winning mindset is to view setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow.  Dwelling on disappointments gets in the way of succeeding.




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