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Disney’s 2020 Movie Highlights

How you felt about Disney’s movie output in 2019 probably depends on how you feel about live-action remakes of classic Disney films. If you enjoyed ‘The Lion King,’ ‘Dumbo,’ and ‘Aladdin,’ then you have every reason to be excited about what the largest entertainment company on the planet has lined up for 2020. If, on the other hand, you’re one of the many people who weren’t overly keen on the live-action films and found yourself repulsed by Will Smith’s Genie, you might want to look away now.

Because making a movie is now a gigantic operation that takes years, we already know what we’re going to get from the company in 2020, and one of the biggest releases of the year will be yet another classic Disney story being given the live-action treatment – although it looks like it might be the best of the lot. There’s also new superhero action to look forward to, and a rare example of Disney branching off into the horror movie genre. For better or for worse, 2020 is here, and here are the top five movies Disney has on the calendar for us!

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We imagine we got a lot of you curious the moment we mentioned ‘Disney’ and ‘horror’ in the same sentence. Let’s waste no more time and dive straight into that. Disney’s scariest 2020 venture will be a movie called ‘Underwater,’ which stars Kristen Stewart and has been described as an underwater version of ‘Alien.’ As just about every other version of ‘Alien’ imaginable has already been done by the main franchise, they should be credited with finding a semi-original twist on the old ‘base under siege’ scenario. Technically this is a 20th Century Fox production, but as Disney now owns 20th Century Fox lock, stock, and barrel, Disney and Fox are one and the same thing. All we know about it is that there’s an underwater base, it’s under attack from alien creatures, and Kristen Stewart has had her hair cut almost as short as Sigourney Weaver’s was int he later ‘Alien’ films. Well – that and the fact it comes out on January 10th.


The Disney fans among you won’t need us to tell you that this is the live-action remake of the Disney classic we were talking about earlier – and yet this isn’t really a remake at all. If you’re a fan of the original ‘Mulan,’ don’t make the mistake of going into this film believing you’re getting more of the same story. All the songs are gone, and so is the majority of the cheer. This is a hard-hitting biopic of Hua Mulan – the real person, not the Disney caricature. If you didn’t know that Mulan was based on a true story, you do now! The basic premise is that Mulan has to take the place of her father when he’s called up to serve the Imperial Army, and in order to do so, she has to convince all of her fellow soldiers that she’s a man. Find out how successful she is in the endeavor on March 27th.

Black Widow

If you thought that the release of the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ movie meant we’d reached the end of the role with ‘Avengers’ films, you’re very much mistaken. Disney has changed course with the path of its ‘Avengers’ franchise in the past few years. Seemingly aware that their audience is younger than it used to be, they’ve backed away from promoting the characters on online slots websites like Dove Casino. A year or two ago, you could find online slots games based on almost every major character from the ‘Avengers’ franchise, but Disney pulled them all eighteen months ago without warning. While that was a loss to online slots players, it might be a gain for the young fans of the superhero films. This is Scarlett Johansson’s first ‘solo’ outing in a Disney superhero film, and so its success or failure will determine whether she gets another go at it at a later date. Hawkeye is, as always, along for the ride, and the film comes out on May 1st.


Some movies are released by Disney. Some movies are released by Pixar. Confusingly, some movies are also released by a combination of Disney and Pixar, such as ‘Onward.’ While we don’t know why the name on the label changes so often, we can’t help but feel that Pixar are at their best when they work formally with Disney, and we therefore have high hopes for ‘Onward.’ It looks big, bright, colorful, and cute – which are the top four attributes we look for in any Pixar film. Tom Holland and Chris Pratt – both long-established Disney favorites – are signed up to provide the voices of a pair of elves in this movie as they travel around the world in search of magic. Given that they’re elves, we imagine they don’t have to look very far. ‘Onward’ hits cinemas on March 6th based on the current schedule.

Bob’s Burgers

There have been rumors about a ‘Bob’s Burgers’ movie for years, but with every year that passed without the film turning up on Disney’s slate, hopes were beginning to fade that the proposed feature would ever become a reality. Those hopes need fade no longer. ‘Bob’s Burgers’ is indeed hitting the big screen, and it’s doing so on 17th July. Thankfully this isn’t going to be a live-action movie, but there is something of a twist on the standard format of the popular cartoon – it’s going to be a musical. Without having seen a preview, we’re having a hard time accepting that there was a genuine need to turn something that was already as perfectly-formulated as ‘Bob’s Burgers’ into a movie, but we shouldn’t write it off without giving it a chance. The creators of the show have promised that the story is faithful to its roots, and will satisfy both long-term and new viewers together. That’s a lot to ask, and so we’ll be eager to find out whether they’ve been as good as their word when the film comes out at the height of summer.

There are, of course, several other Disney films being released during 2020, but these are the five that we believe are likely to make the biggest impact on release. Could we be wrong? Of course we could – ‘Cruella’ and ‘West Side Story’ could steal the thunder of any one of them and make us look very foolish indeed. We’ll all find out together in time!


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