Mentoring Young Actors and Comedians

It’s no big deal that iconic performers or professionals take other young stars under their wing and additionally, having a mentor in your profession generates good results. This person can share useful advice based on their experience. They have faced all the hardships and challenges in that particular field, so they have a solution for each critical condition. Comedy and Hollywood are no different.

Comedy is a field where you may lose hope in tough times. It is not easy to become a comedian and make people laugh at your jokes. Performers have to play different activities during the shows, to grab the attention of the crowd and keep their attention.

Mentors can guide students/children in the right direction, and their wisdom and knowledge can prove useful for those who are taking a start in these fields. Lots of aspiring child actors want to become a star and “make it big” in Hollywood, but only some of them can fulfill their dreams. Having a great mentor and a good relationship with them can make all the difference in their level of success and their ability to meet their goals and dreams.

What is the Purpose of having a Mentor?

Mentors will not be giving you the solutions. They try to facilitate your journey. Like, mostly, we take advice from our friends and family members. You should consider their advice, but should not do whatever they say, as they are not aware of this possibility, and their thinking may differ widely from your choices, preferences, and objectives.

A mentor boosts confidence, and helps the child actors in growing the professional sphere. Acting is a vast field, and numerous individual career paths can be selected as a professional. Exploring these opportunities with someone who has “been there and done that” may give a significant advantage in advancing to your desired goal.

Following are some tips for raising child actors.

  • Acting is not some part time-hobby. If a performer is not adequately trained, he is not a performer.
  • Do not rush the procedure because if a child is not mentally and physically ready, it can lead to adverse outcomes.
  • Keep supporting the child actors regardless of how challenging it can be.
  • Consider each audition a success.

Difficulties in mentoring

Aspiring child actors deserve more and more mentorship than they have received in the past.  A study has revealed that there is a massive gap between supply and demand. Over 75% of professionals need a mentor, but only 37% actually have a mentor. There are some difficulties in mentoring the young ones because mentors are now focusing on career development and are ignoring the personal development in attempts to reach goals more quickly – the immediate gratification philosophy.

A much more comprehensive approach is significantly more critical to help young actors realize their maximum potential. It plays a major role in mentoring and what makes it unique from coaching or training for performance.

It takes more time and effort to mentor a person. The following are some practices which make it a bit easier to raise a child actor or comedian:

  • Share your success stories and the challenges you faced to accomplish the goal. Adding the difficult chapters of your life will make them feel like you are both on the same page.
  • Could you not give them the fish? Teach them how to catch it so they have the skills to move forward eventually on their own.
  • Do not make them feel like you are acting or mentoring is just a job. Just try to be natural with them.

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