6 Questions to Consider Before Adopting

Adoption is a big moment in your life. Naturally, you will likely have a few questions for yourself and your adoption agency. 

Overall, it’s important to make sure you’re ready to adopt. That means asking yourself important questions about adoption to know how you feel and to be properly prepared for it. 

Because adoption is such an important moment in your life and a child’s life, going into the process prepared is very beneficial. 

To help you begin this exciting new journey, we’ve listed some questions below for you to consider before adopting. 

1. Why do I want to adopt?

One of the first questions to ask yourself is why you want to adopt. For example, have you recently gone through a tumultuous or upsetting event in your life? 

Some people who have considered adoption before and then experience an impactful life event may feel the impulse to adopt. 

While this adoption always comes with good intentions, it is important to adopt for the right reasons. In other words, adoption should come from the main desire to provide a child with a loving home to grow up in rather than as an impulse decision.  

2. Am I ready to provide for this child?

Another question to consider before an adoption is how ready you are to provide for this child as they grow. This includes financial stability as well as a stable home-life. 

Understandably, you can’t prepare for every potential situation, but knowing general financial and other resources you will need during and after the adoption process is crucial. 

3. What makes me eligible to adopt?

This question is related in part to the previous question about providing for your adopted child. Many adoption agencies may perform a background check when you apply to adopt. 

Additionally, there are agencies that may have certain restrictions on the health of the adoptive parents. So, it is best to keep this in mind when searching for an agency to adopt from. 

4. What can I learn about the child I want to adopt?

To ensure each child is safe in the adoption process, certain information can’t be shared with a prospective parent. So, it can be helpful to know what questions you may want to ask before starting the adoption process. 

Generally speaking, the information that can be shared with any parent looking to adopt a child is the kind of information that would appear in a newspaper or flyer. 

In other words, general information about the child can be shared with you while more in-depth information is usually kept private. 

5. How long will the adoption process be?

The adoption process can take a varying amount of time. By considering the average wait times for adoption, you can then ask yourself if you are prepared for a wait that long. 

Overall, the type of adoption is one of the main factors that change how long you may wait. For example, adopting a foster child may take up to 18 months while the adoption of a newborn can take up to 7 years. 

6. Where can I go to adopt? What place is right for me?

Asking yourself where you want to and can adopt is an important question to consider before you start your adoption process. 

As we discussed before, there may be certain requirements that some adoption agencies have that others do not. So, looking at various organizations is helpful in making your search and wait time shorter. 

In addition, there may be certain types of organizations you want to work with because of the support they provide certain communities. 

A great example of this is the Texas Adoption Center, which is an agency that works with Texas women who are pregnant and consider adoption. Plus, they also dedicate their time to working with adoptive families across the nation. 

By and large, knowing what kind of organization you want to work with when adopting should be a big part of your process before adoption. 


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