Social Media Marketing Software- Features and Top choices available

As a marketing platform, there’s a huge potential in social media and becoming a social media influencer. However, it’s only a heavy-hitter for your business if you use the right tools.

The internet is flooded with loads of social media management tools. All of them differ in cost, functions, and availability.

Below I have listed must-have features and a list of top social media marketing softwares available out there as well as a SMM Reseller Panel.

Must-have Features Social Media Marketing Software


Social media marketing tool significantly boosts customer engagement. The organizations need to be quick in replying to the messages and comments posted by the audience. For this, the business owners can set up a default message that can be sent automatically to the individual.


Reports generated from the marketing campaigns ran by the company on different social media platform gives the company insights on what the users like. The data generated can be used to tailor the next marketing campaigns accordingly and gain more results.


Social media marketing tools provide the ability to schedule multiple posts on different social media platforms. You can scatter posts around your calendar and choose the time at which most audience is active. The tool comes with pre-designed templates that can be personalized and to send the post directly, which saves time in the creation of posts and cuts some cost.

Keyword Monitoring

Using proper keywords, you can gain more traction for your brand in forums and other networking websites. The social media tool enables you to find appropriate keywords and using that you can know where your brand is being mentioned. Plus, you can also focus on one platform from which maximum results can be obtained.


Collaboration enables all the members of the team to contribute to the project, and they can share ideas using message boards. This function also reduces the risk of getting multiple responses from individual team members; thereby avoiding confusion or complex situations.

Social Media Advertising

An ideal social media marketing software should have the proper in-built advertising tools that are capable of creating and managing suitable social media marketing campaigns. This function also streamlines the workflow of marketing managers.

Top Social Media Marketing Software available

Some of the top social media marketing software include


One of the most popular platforms out there Hootsuite has over 16 million users worldwide. It is designed to execute social media marketing campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Its collaborative features let users efficiently manage all profiles and engage with customers.


Ryzely is built for individual enterprises, startups, and even large enterprises. It helps you manage the social media presence of multiple brands that you can handle from a single platform. It includes many features like analytics, scheduling, and replying to comments.


Social media management software buffer is trusted by over 75,000 individuals and business owners to grow their brands on the social media platform. It helps social media marketers and their teams to streamline the process and work efficiently.

Buffer is a clean, cheap, and effective social media management tool that can help you schedule content across multiple social media platforms and increase engagement with your target audience.


Hubspot is a marketing automation service that is known to be a pioneer in the category of marketing softwares. Along with offering basic features for marketing your brand on social media, it also offers a robust email marketing service.


Lithium offers to manage the presence of your brand across different social media platforms without sacrificing the quality of your posts. It allows you to plan marketing campaigns that align with ads, social posts, emails, and more.

It also provides you with the visual presentation of critical milestones so that you can track your progress accordingly and make changes if necessary.

Summing it up

The key to being successful on social media is consistency. You can build some trust with your audience if you are consistent, for they can quickly know when you’ll be posting the next content. It is highly essential to know and listen to what your audience has to say about your brand. Using the above-mentioned list of top social media marketing softwares, you can gain an advantage over your competitors and generate more leads/sales every day.

Author Bio: I am Greg Wilson, a Content Writer working with GoodFirms, a research and review platform for service and software companies. I am passionate about blogging, creative writing, social media, and content marketing. I write blog posts for GoodFirms about SEO softwares, Cloud computing, IoT development, and many more such categories.



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