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What to Expect Initially After The Pregnanacy Through IVF Procedure?

Well, when you finally get to know that you are pregnant, after the many negative results, it is the moment of unmatched happiness. Now, you shall first accept the fact that IVF pregnancy is different from a natural pregnancy. The suggestion that comes from one of the Best IVF Centres in India is that, do not take the pregnancy test at home for the IVF procedure.

In over 99% of the cases home pregnancy test result is wrong. The required time to get the right outcome of an IVF pregnancy is generally 10 to 15 days after the embryo transfer. If you perform the pregnancy test before that at home, it might reflect the positive result. However, it is not valid. The home test kit is based on the HCG levels, and you release considerable levels of HCG after the embryo transfer. So, the results are wrong. You may unnecessarily get excited or disappointed. So, it is better to wait. When you had the patience of several years, keep calm for 10 to 15 days more.

Initial Proceedings After The Successful Results of an IVF Procedure:

Well, when your doctor declares you are pregnant; you can celebrate happiness. At the same time, there is no denying the fact that it is medically assisted pregnancy, and you might require the medical assistance for the initial three months of the IVF procedure. Initially, the doctors perform multiple tests like:

  • Progesterone Test: To check that the progesterone levels are high enough to maintain a healthy pregnancy. However, if the progesterone levels are insufficient, the doctors keep the patient on the progesterone support. The progesterone level is maintained by injecting the progesterone oil. The support can go on for several weeks depending on your medical condition.
  • Blood Test: Blood Test: Blood tests become a part of the periodic check-up, just like the ultrasound. It is because the samples of your blood help indicate your haemoglobin, HCG levels, estrogen levels and other necessary indication for your pregnancy. Most of the time, expecting females have to go to a hospital for a check-up but now you can also order blood test or other lab tests online.
  • UltraSound: It is one of the essential tests to analyse that everything is standard in pregnancy. If the growth of the child inside the womb is as per the time, everything is under control. On the contrary, if there are indications of abnormal growth, then you might require additional support from the drugs and medicines. Medical assistance and treatment procedure is customised for every patient, based on their present condition.

For at least three months, you cannot take your pregnancy for granted. It might result in significant risks involved in the pregnancy or the worst possible case of the termination. 

Final Words:

In Short, when you completed the months or might be years of medical procedure to feel this good news, bear a bit more. Package of IVF Treatment in India is not limited to the successful pregnancy test, but the doctors seek their responsibility until you deliver a healthy child without any risk to your life. So, if you have decided for treatment already, consider visiting India.


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