Storage Space for Small Businesses

It’s not news to those in the self-storage industry but many small businesses are now using self storage facilities as a cheaper and more flexible alternative to warehouse space for storing their business stock. And with good reason because it makes very good financial sense.

Initially the trend started with eBay sellers who had outgrown their storage at home but it has quickly grown to include larger businesses looking to cut or avoid warehouse costs and also avoid long contract tie-ins in financially uncertain times. Add to that the huge rise in online sales of pretty much anything and it stands to reason that all those goods – often being sold by retailers with no bricks-and-mortar presence – need a place to be stored.

Take a bow the local self-storage facility with it’s flexible, secure and cost effective storage units.

The Benefits of Self-Storage for Small Businesses

If a small business or start-up requires storage space they should consult with 3rd party logistics melbourne for goods and stock then a storage unit has the following advantages over the traditional alternatives of warehouse space:

  • No long contracts – self storage can be rented from as little as 1 month with notice periods usually being the same 1-month period
  • Insurance can be arranged by the facility for those businesses being run from home that may not have, or be able to get, commercial insurance.
  • Deliveries can be accepted by the storage facility at times when you cannot take delivery.
  • Some units have climate control to protect fragile items
  • Units are available in a wide range of sizes to suit all businesses from the size of a small garden shed right up to full-size shipping containers.
  • Facilities are more secure than a typical small business office, residential garage or garden shed.

Security Matters

For a growing business, security really does matter so it is not good business sense to store valuable business stock in your garage or another outbuilding that won’t have the high-security levels available at most self-storage facilities. Typical security measures used by self-storage companies include individual storage unit locks, additional section locks, security checkpoints, secure keycard entry, 24 hour CCTV, security guards, individual alarms and site alarms. It would be impossible to replicate this level of security at small business premises or at home.

Flexibility Provides Peace of Mind

Small and start-up businesses can have unpredictable cashflow and unpredictable stock levels so the flexibility of a contract that can be stopped and started at short notice, and that can provide more or less storage space at storage coffs harbour at equally short notice, brings with it peace of mind for the business owners. While businesses are growing, they can be very vulnerable to external factors so major investments in permanent or long-term premises are undesirable when revenue is still liable to shrink and grow intermittently and loans may be hard to come by to help out in the lean times.

The peace of mind that comes with the flexibility to change the amount of space required (and it’s associated cost) to mirror the ups and downs of the business is a major advantage of using self-storage and takes some of the pressure off the business.

A More Convenient Location

Companies providing business self-storage are almost always located in convenient locations close to motorways and road networks. And almost every sizeable town will have at least one self-storage facility. This means it is easy for employees to get there and it also makes for an easy location to accept deliveries so keeping delivery costs down.



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