Top 5 Factors for Collection of Perfume Bottles

The design and manufacture of perfume bottles, along with the rapid development of the perfume industry, have become an amazing part of the perfume. Thousands of fashionable men and women in the world are subject to lustrous and dazzling characteristic perfume bottles. In this way, A unique bottle give perfume a second life.

The top perfume brands are striving to be more magnificent in every side, including fragrance, scents, bottle design and packaging. Under such a trend, perfume bottles have become an art with great potential for the collection. It is said that in 2010 in the French auction market, an 1870 Guerlain incense bottle was traded at 45,600 euros.

So, which kind of perfume bottles own more collection value? What are the criteria for judging the valuable perfume bottles? In this article, we will walk you through some tips for the collection of perfume bottles.

  1. Age

Generally speaking, the earlier the perfume bottle comes into being, the more valuable it is to be collected and appreciated. For example, the Lalique-style glass perfume bottle and the blown glass bottle from the first century BC would have eternal meaning because of the long history.

Following the principle of “rare is precious”, an unusual perfume bottle that has witnessed centuries of vicissitudes will become valuable for its scarce in modern society.

  1. Place of origin

Perfume bottles from different backgrounds record various customs and cultures, showing diverse cultural flavor. For example, the Lady Butterfly series glass perfume bottles have blended with an exotic taste, making its shape go with an elegant line. The whole bottles give out a sense of Asian beauty and fragrance, which would be a favorite for Asian culture lovers.

  1. Material

People who prefer the European or American style may love collecting glass perfume bottles in simple but classical shape, matching with a personalized cap to present brand image. While people from the Middle East areas prefer bottle decorated with exquisite golden ornaments.

Generally speaking, perfumers around the world tend to use a glass bottle with customized decoration, then select a suitable cap which in line with brand market position.

  1. Modeling

The modeling that breaks through conventional rule reaches more to innovation and uniqueness. For example, if the unique perfume bottle is the shape of the cartoon character, it will be sought after by a wave of anime fans.

There are many distinctive perfume bottles jointly signed with many famous animated characters. If you keep an eye on searching for them, there may be surprises waiting for you.

  1. Decoration

Exquisite, elegant perfume bottles play a decisive role in attracting people’s visual attention. Since uniqueness has a high degree of identification, it is easier for people to remember your unique characteristics by collecting a perfume bottle body with various unique decorations (such as carving designs, your favorite cartoon characters, stars, or animals, etc.).

The beautiful perfume bottle helps to keep the fragrance in life. When time passes by, the scent has gone, but the bottle itself remains to tell more stories without a sound. This is the charm of the perfume bottle, creating and maintaining the memories for you.

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