Most Common Health Benefits Of Hemp Oil for Pets

Oh, cannabis, sweet cannabis… Am I right? But, hold your horses; I am not here to talk about pot, or its legalization and lack of legalization in certain states. That’s a topic for another discussion – this is not the time, nor the place. I am here to talk about something much, much better. Sure, it doesn’t involve getting intoxicated, but it does involve getting healthy with the help of a cannabis-based product, called hemp oil.

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I suppose you have already heard about this medicine. What’s more, you might even have a friend or two who are using it. Or, you might be using it yourself – in which case I’d love to hear about your experience. However, that’s another topic I won’t be covering today. The effects of this drug on people have been known for a long time and that subject has been thoroughly examined and covered.

This time, I want to shift my attention towards something else. Or, better yet, to someone else… Because, guess what? People aren’t the only beings that can benefit from this product. So, instead of selfishly keeping it to ourselves, the time has come to share it with our non-talking companions. And, trust me; they will be very, very grateful.

But, before I get to the part of why animals love hemp oil, I want to make sure that you know a few things about it. I don’t suppose you want to give your pets something before gathering enough information. Not having the faintest idea about a medicine and still administering it isn’t the right way to live. In fact, it is reckless and irresponsible.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is extracted from the stalk or the seed of the hemp plant. Keep in mind that this is a plant that has a very low concentration of THC. On top of that, the oil contains no THC at all. However, it is widely praised for other highly beneficial compounds it contains, which are called phytocannabinoids. Find out more.

The above definition makes one thing perfectly clear, and that was my goal from the start. Namely, this product is not psychoactive. That makes it perfectly safe for animal consumption. Sure, there are products containing THC which are also given to animals. But, if you want to use those, you should definitely consult a veterinarian first.

Hemp oil is the safe, no-risk option. But, this non-toxicity is not the reason people have started giving the product to their pets. Since, knowing that something is safe is an essential prerequisite, but it is not the main factor when giving anything to your animals. Why would you let them ingest a supplement if it they won’t have any use of it?

But, far from that being the case for hemp oil. In fact, your pets will have much use of it. There are numerous ways in which it can help them and improve their quality of life. Whether you decide to give it to a completely healthy animal, or you need something to treat a certain medical condition in your pet, this product is there to help. Let’s check out the two most common reasons for using it.

Treats Pain

When your pet is in pain, the first instinct is to find a suitable pain pill to offer it some relief. Sometimes, though, owners are rightfully worried about how those pills affect the animal. You know that most of them come with some side-effects. Plus, there are all kinds of allergies, etc. In any case, tablets and pills should be used cautiously both by people and by their little companions.

As you will see at, hemp oil is widely used as a substitute for pain-killers. It is the natural option. But, don’t make the mistake of thinking that its effects are mild. On the contrary, this product has proved to be highly effective when it comes to relieving all kinds of pains, both acute and chronic ones.

Speaking of chronic, some animals may suffer from arthritis, which is known to cause a lot of pain in the joints and other parts of the body. This is most commonly seen in older pets, but younger ones can develop it too. Additionally, dogs are probably the most affected, but other animals aren’t safe from the disease either. The reason I am mentioning this is the fact that hemp oil is known to be beneficial in the process of treating arthritis and relieving the pain that comes with it.

Reduces Inflammation

While I am on the topic of arthritis, I need to mention another one of its common symptoms, i.e. inflammation. However, inflammation in animals is not connected only to arthritis. There can be various causes for experiencing this. Luckily, there is something that can significantly reduce it. Yes, I am talking about hemp oil.

This product is known for being able to naturally and successfully realign inflammatory agents. That means that your animal will be relieved of this annoying symptom, while its immune system will stay strong. In fact, hemp oil will also boost their immune system, which means that your pet will be able to put up a fight against any kind of a disease. Overall, it will increase your animal’s quality of life and help them stay healthy, happy, and energized.

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