How Making Your Own Prayer Journal Can Help in Times of Crisis

One of the largest worldwide health disasters is upon us with the Coronavirus with no end in sight. During this time where many are prohibited from worshipping with their church, a prayer journal couldn’t be more important. There is extra time to reflect and speak to God directly during this time where other distractions have all but been eliminated. Growing a relationship with God is something that cannot be understated during any part of your life. The following are the benefits of creating a prayer journal during a time of crisis.

Creating a Prayer Journal

Creating a prayer journal will depend on your taste and style. You can decorate it with different types of stickers and even your favorite passages from scripture. Quotes do not have to be limited to those that are religious as those that really speak to you can be included as well. Organizing this well can easily be done by doing a different type of writing in different colored pens. Your personal faith and journal with God should speak to you as well as expressing your overall faith. Leave plenty of room for writing as you should write down your prayers or conversations for future reference.

Helps You Maintain a Routine

During the times that we are in which include the Coronavirus pandemic, it is more important than ever to get into a routine. The routine could include anything from exercising in the morning or writing in your prayer journal. Maintaining a regular routine is important in keeping sanity especially if stuck in a small apartment with multiple roommates or family members. With the extra time that is saved due to lack of commuting, dedicating this time to your spiritual health can allow for an amazing transformation. You will feel like you have lifted a weight off of your shoulders by talking to god about issues you might be having.

Allows You to Focus on the Positive

The world is full of negative opinions and attitudes while the world still has immense beauty to offer. Daily praying is important and thank God for everything that has gone well in your life. Focusing on the negative is easy, being able to be grateful in times of uncertainty show true faith. Conversations with God for guidance can help you get through issues. Writing these conversations out can allow you to refer to them and see how certain aspects of life have improved over time.

You Can Look Back at the Crisis for Strength

There are times of crisis in everyone’s life and these can be great learning experiences. Being able to look back on how you prayed to God and found strength can help you through the toughest of times. You can even see the way that you grew from the crisis whether it was in your professional life, relationship, financially-related, or in an uncertain time like that of Coronavirus. Detail how you are feeling along with your testimonies to God as you might find you have a similar feeling later in life.

Reduce Your Time in Front of a Screen/Device

In the states that have a lockdown, you are likely spending more time in front of a TV or smartphone than ever before. The prayer journal can be a great way to reduce anxiety as constantly reading news reports about death predictions will tire you out. Disconnecting at any point is important as it truly gives you the time to relax in the appropriate ways.

Creating a prayer journal during a time of crisis can help you reduce fears and anxiety. During those times that are unsure it can be easy to have a negative attitude but remember God loves you!


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