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How Can Relationship Counseling Help?

Relationship counseling is extremely beneficial for some couples in “normal times” when they aren’t going about their days in the midst of stressful situations.  Right now this type of counseling can be more helpful than ever.  COVID19 has us all living in stressful situations and asking for help can be the first step to surviving these times.

Survival Mode

The fact is we are all in survival mode.  Some are struggling financially, others emotionally, for some the anxiety is becoming too much.  We are all isolated, missing family and friends, perhaps wondering where your next meal will come from and then there’s the loneliness.  We may not be alone – but still lonely.  We are social beings and being socially isolated makes every moment of every day stressful.

Social Isolation

Fortunately there are ways to seek help.  Some of the ways our life has changed I feel are very positive.  We can now seek help and therapy virtually.  Sometimes taking the step to make an appointment, drive to an office and walk into the office are more than a person (or couple) can manage.  With the increased availability of telemedicine, that stress can be avoided and people can actually get the help they need and want.  I don’t have a crystal ball but I really hope this stays in place when we are no longer socially isolated.

The Changing Future

For me I have used telemedicine before – quite often actually.  I just never could see the point of going into the doctors office where sick people are (contagious), if my need was for something like an ear infection.  The problem though was that it was more like a walk in clinic.  It wasn’t with my doctor – someone who knows me, my medical needs, my medical history etc… I will be very happy if my primary care physician and my medical specialists are still able to do virtual visits in the future.

My kids have to see their psychiatrist once a month.  Between the drive to pick them up from their schools and the drive to and from their psychiatrist (very far away) – I am literally on the road from 10am until 6pm.  If they can continue virtually the kids can join the virtual visit from the school nurses’ office, I can join from my office and we only miss one hour of our day!

Made To Last

Relationship counseling is becoming more and more popular and really helps to get a relationship on the right course to a long term future.  Couples learn how to have a successful long term, long lasting relationship.  If the couple has children, the counseling can impact generations.  The divorce rate will be lessened and children of these couples will remain with an intact family with far less disfunction in all of their lives. A professional therapist in Beverly Hills will make the couple understand the issues they are facing in their relationship and will help them to resolve them. He will also guide them in such a way that those issues don’t crop up again in their life.

The Relationship Toolbox

If the couples are not already married, relationship counseling can help prepare them for marriage by guiding them with knowledge to make them as prepared as possible.  Consider it like giving them their relationship toolbox.  The goal is to make them stronger and more focused on each other.  Make them understand each other – and how to handle disagreements.  It is a huge step when a couple can understand that disagreeing does not mean it has to be an argument.  Knowing when to agree to disagree is completely necessary for a successful relationship.

Relationship stressors include family, money, environment (such as COVID19), health issues, career changes, job losses and more.  Relationships will encounter many of these – it is far better to get through them together rather than separately.  Learning how to accept each other for who they are is also crucial.  The solution is not to try and change the person because that will only lead to anger and resentment by both parties down the road.

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