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Understanding More About the Vinyl Flooring and Its Advantages

Vinyl flooring is indeed a popular option for most homeowners. This is true to say considering the bathroom and the kitchen applications. This is also a synthetic form the same as the linoleum. Moreover, this is stain-resistant and water-resistant. This is also versatile and durable which makes it worthy of its cost. With so many advances that take place in the industry, vinyl Flooring installation has just been so economical and attractive.

Below are so far the advantages that vinyl flooring can offer.


Vinyl flooring makes a durable option to consider. This can withstand extreme high-traffic especially due to its commercialized and graded wear layers. It is also comfortable to use underfoot. It best reduces noise.

100 percent moisture resistance

Many homeowners loved vinyl flooring more for being completely moisture resistant. It is the reason why vinyl flooring is utilized in rooms having a high water amount. That is to say with the bathrooms and the kitchens.

Low Maintenance

One more thing about this type of flooring is the ease and low maintenance. Just sweep it regularly. Mop it as well every week. This can keep the floor looking good and new, too.

DIY Installation

Since the vinyl flooring features a click-lock system, it is easy for you to install it. Remove it as well when you want it. If you’re an expert at installing it, a DIY approach is also even better. This also only requires a little effort.

Nevertheless, the key to vinyl flooring installation is right below the flooring itself. The vinyl flooring tiles demand a smooth and extreme surface. Any imperfections and flaws will come up in the indentations and bumps on the floor. The best subfloor is the well-sanded plywood layer.

The majority of manufacturers never suggest it laying new vinyl over more layers of previous vinyl. Flooring is not guaranteed if there is more than a single layer of the vinyl underneath. Just also be ready with one issue of laying over existing vinyl. Once when the lower layer is already patterned, the texture now comes up right above the layer.

The vinyl flooring is also laid above the concrete. But still, smoothness and uniformity may create a problem. That is when a plywood layer provides a better feel right below your foot. While there are DIY installation kits to find, homeowners want to use a contractor to achieve a professional and smooth look.

Less Expensive

The best thing about vinyl flooring is that it is less expensive as compared to other flooring options. Plus, you could choose from a wide range of patterns and colors matching every décor. That also includes a range of the same wood grains.

Unique and Beautiful

Be more surprised with the unusual and striking patterns & textures provided by vinyl flooring. There are so far convincing finishes like the hand-scraped and distressed versions. Find a variety of marble and stone effects such as the travertine and slate that are the hottest trends last year. Moreover, there are routable forms of vinyl tiles grouted and laid like ceramic counterparts.


Vinyl flooring is resilient and soft in nature. This is why it is a good choice of flooring to move about and stand on. This brings about adequate friction making it free from any sort of accident.

Truly, this flooring type is the best choice to consider for your space. It is recommended to purchase from a recommended vinyl flooring material supplier Thailand today. This is also because of its popularity that has grown in the past few years! You’ll for sure fall in love with vinyl flooring when it is installed in your kitchen or bathroom space!



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