Great Presents For A Baby Girl

Finding the perfect gift for a brand new baby girl, whether it be the bub of a close friend or a well-liked relative, is far from an easy task.  You’ll have to factor in the likes and interests of the expecting mother alongside the needs of the baby – plus, you’ll also have to consider the fact that you can’t get the same thing everyone else at a baby shower! To save you from that, we highly recommend shopping on online stores like Beautiful Bambino or Uncommon Goods for unique gifts.

Plus, there’s the incredible satisfaction of giving a good friend of yours something that they can really appreciate for a long time to come (their baby will too, of course). But even then, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start – in this article, we provide you a head start when it comes to shopping for a baby girl to help you get the best gift possible.

Gifts for newborns and younger babies

Running through the lexicon of baby girl gift ideas can be an exhausting endeavour, and whether you’re getting a gift for a newly born baby or one just a few months old can mean you’re looking for entirely different gifts – no fun at all! But, there are a few things that remain constant for a few months (even years, sometimes) – babies love things that make noises, so with that in mind, you should absolutely go for a squeaky teething toy like a Sophie the Giraffe so that you can also lend a hand with one of the early baby issues that parents have a tough time with – handy, right? If you’re wanting to get something a little bit different, you can also consider a lot of things that make fun sounds and have lovely colours. To tick both boxes, go for a cloth baby book, as these make for great tactile objects for a baby girl to flip through at their heart’s content. Plus, it can encourage mum to also read to her new baby for some very special intimate times.

Gifts for baby girls older than one year old

If you’re trying to work out a gift for a baby girl over the age of one (such as finding them the perfect present for their first birthday), your options start to become a lot more diverse. During this period comes all of the important developmental stuff – for starters, walking is always an important step (literally) and you can also find them objects that are designed to help them to push and pull, put things together and take them apart, and move things to and from boxes. In short, a whole lot of fun and interesting tactile experiences. It’s even an age when babies start recognising vocal patterns in things such as rhymes, which makes it an excellent time to start giving them books (or re-introducing books that they got when they were younger). If you’re still stuck for ideas, consider objects with a variety of textures, as babies love to explore new sensations as well.

Tyring to work out the perfect gift for baby girls

Although finding the right gift for a baby girl can take time, there’s plenty of reward in seeing the little bubba enjoy a new object – particularly if it’s something they can enjoy for a year or two to come. If you’re still stuck, though, it never hurts to ask a few mums what they needed most when they brought in a new bundle of joy into the world!

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