How to Increase your Subscribers for your YouTube channel

YouTube, it is one of the leading and the largest search engines after Google Search. It is basically a digital platform where one shares videos.

It was established in 2005, and since then close to a trillion videos have been shared.

But then who are YouTube Subscribers?

Well, every platform needs users who can help them to broaden their horizon, so, what a digital platform craves for is to be installed in every device and grow their community to an exponential level.

YouTube Subscribers are basically users of YouTube that helps a channel grow by choosing them to follow for their content, and contribute to the views of the video resulting in the possibility of going viral and hence fame,

Building a powerful and growing base, one has to make sure to pay special attention to subscribers and views because that’s where the money comes from.

How does Subscriber help to earn money?

Subscribers give you views, and comments on the content you deliver to them, that ensures the growth of your channel and ultimately eligible for pay-out.

YouTube earns revenue through an ad, it has widely managed to capture every string of the market promotion and seized almost half of the internet. YouTube subscribers are the target audience of this platform.

Ok, I am intrigued, so how do I add up the number in the count of YouTube subscribers?

This isn’t a cakewalk though but once you get the rudder in hand, it will be no less than a cakewalk too,

You have to manage to get eyes on your channel’s video, and that is possible only when you produce either viral or creative content.

Persuasion is the key, but consistency is what you will need the most.

What is the secret to getting the eyes (YouTube subscribers) so that my channel grows exponentially?

So now, that I have managed to get your attention and you are all up for methods.

Let me help you with some digital tips if used correctly that will help you grow your channel.   You can also order YT subscribers!

  • YouTube SEO procedure “ Keyword Research”

Yes, Keyword Research on Youtube, you will have to invest time in finding a list of useful keywords. For that, you can use “ Search Suggest Feature On YouTube”, this gives you an insight of what users search on the platform.

Optimisation of Keywords on Youtube is a major part of YouTube SEO,

Select a topic of your choice and pick a channel that has managed to get more views, go to their channel, filter and click on “Most Popular” so that you know what is trending these days.

Create your Vidnami video around the topic and don’t forget to use the keywords optimised carefully, plant your plot around the topic itself and here, on this step once you are done with making your video, choose a title that is most suitable and will attract more views like How to guide or Top 10 things and many more like the ones you searched during keyword optimisation.

Engage: Highest Audience Retention videos are the secret to rank up your content, and that is possible when you manage to create engaging and entertaining videos for the audience, so pick up the brush and paint the world with your creativity.

Description,  This is very important for any video as this helps YouTube gauge the context of the video, and the clearer you are in your words, the more YouTube understands and pushes your video to the Suggested Video section.

Tags, usage of tags is the crucial step as this may take you to your target audience quite easily.

Now, Google will surely play its part in helping you rank up through the tags and proper keyword optimisation if used correctly.

In the end we will suggest you to stay focused on your content and patience is the most important key in succeeding on youtube. You can also contact BYTV. They will plan your complete youtube marketing campaigns. They promote your content in such a way which will help you in gaining youtube views (ytviews). So all the best and keep creating good content.





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